Monday, January 15, 2007

You Can Speak Up II!

Here are two more "Quick" answers that you can use and adapt when challenged by the usual lies and misrepresentations.

Let’s look at
Blaming Israel

The “Occupation” is the cause of the conflict.

Answer: The root cause of the conflict is that, for a variety of reasons, the Arabs and the Islamic world in general refuse to accept the existence of Israel. The Arabs fought a war of annihilation against Israel in 1948 twenty-one years before the occupation.. Israel’s presence in the territories is a result of ongoing Arab aggression. Arab terrorism preceded 1967 in fact it has been continuous for centuries, dating back to the massacre of the Jews of Medina by the prophet Mohammed. Israel has tried repeatedly to give land back in exchange for security within her rightful borders. Every time Israel has given up land the result has been more terrorism closer to home.

Accusation: “The Jews are the cause of the Palestinian refugee problem.”

Answer: Arab aggression brought about the refugee problem; Arab regimes are intentionally perpetuating the suffering. Not one Palestinian refugee would exist today if the Arab countries hadn’t launched a war of extermination in 1948 and the corrupt, despotic regimes in the Arab World have isolated the Palestinians in the camps in order to maintain a hostile presence on her border and a perpetual casus belli so that they will have an excuse to pursue their rejection of Israel’s existence.

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Oh dear, there you go trying to confuse everyone with facts. Not very nice of you.