Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Human Sacrifice in the 21st Century- Surprise! Its Us!

I have a lot of reasons for wanting Trump to win the presidency some of them are negative in nature but more of them are positive. One of them is that he promises to protect us from unnecessary sacrifice. Lest you think that I am being overly dramatic or hyperbolic, think about the word sacrifice. When we think of human sacrifice we tend to think of it as a religious practice, something that took place only in the benighted past. It was, we like to believe, a practice born of superstition and ignorance, something we could never countenance today. And yet, we now see human sacrifice on a regular basis in the middle east, in Europe and the US. Surprisingly, I have come to agree with the Obama, Kerry, Clinton unwillingness to call this Islamic terror. Not that I doubt the existence of Islamic terror. Its just that I have come to see that it is really a liberal/progressive plan that encompasses many other kinds of terror- some obvious and some not. I would call it liberal/progressive human sacrifice. What qualifies it as human sacrifice and what is its purpose? Let me explain.

While its true, young Muslim men are often terroristic executioners, there are also thousands of cases of less obvious terror crimes- rapes, violence and murder by illegal immigrants from south and central America. Then there is the incessant black on black murder spree in the desperate inner cities that have been created by decades of “compassionate” Democratic policies and administrations. Add all those victims up and they  far outnumber the toll from Islamic terror.  

What all these types of killing have in common is that they grow out of the social, economic and political goals of the progressive elites in The West. Its not just that they refuse to act to stop it in any meaningful way. They have a vital interest in perpetuating it. Any real remedy would require that they publicly admit that their entire political project is nonsense and they are worse than worthless- they are a cancer on society.

They are The Entitled Elite.
The Entitled Elite includes: 
  • Career Politicians
  • The Crony Capitalist Corporations who pay big fees to Politicians who excoriate them in public and serve their needs in private.
  • The media
  • Entertainment
  • Consultants Who can forget Jonathan Gruber sneering at us for paying him so much money for such a bollox and fraud as the details of Obama care
  • Government bureaucrats
  • Academics
  • Non-profit profiteers - Social Justice, Environmental and “Poverty” activists and all manner of agitators and “Community Organizers”
  • Financial aggregators (those who package and repackage many without investment in productive work and development of resources)
  • Those collecting unearned income, including welfare recipients and fraudulent disability payments (as opposed to people who are actually disabled) 

What they all have in common is that they are paid on the basis of who they know, their legal status and their public persona and that the money to pay them comes at the expense of those of us who work, serve, produce and develop. They are dependent on image, luck, and maintaining their public persona in a way that the non-elite cannot imagine. What The Elite fears most is that the rest of us will see through their insular, naive and dangerous utopian narrative and recognize the naked greed and ambition they conceal beneath it. 

Oh yes, greed! They love to accuse Trump of it but while he produces value and jobs for others to earn his wealth, they are simply selling influence and “feelings” for it and it is their own worst vice. They suck at the public teat and sneer at the wage earners and entrepreneurs who they feed off. 

The Clintons, for example, they have stored up Hundreds of millions of dollars in their foundation to pay for their travel and expenses and to keep their legion of elitist courtiers employed. They parlay thirty minute speeches full of treacle and rotten promises for hundreds of thousands of dollars and expect everyone to believe that there is no quid pro quo involved. To justify all this greed they publicly profess belief in a pathetically naive and self-serving set of political ideas that have been proven to be poisonous and destructive where ever tried.

They pretend that they believe that human aggression and raw evil can be argued or shamed or appeased out of existence. They want us to believe the fiction that every person in every culture around the world just wants to be like us. They believe not is equality of opportunity but in the equality of results. They want the redistribution of wealth - as long as they are the ones who get to decide how it get redistributed.  The lynchpin of the narrative is that they are the ones who know enough and feel enough and see the future clearly enough to make all those decisions for all people, that they, the progressive Entitled Elite, can lead us all to a finer and more equitable world. 

They don’t solve problems because the real solutions do not fit the liberal/progressive narrative. How many times has Obama and his spokespeople tried to cloak the killing of innocent American citizens in the camouflage of “work place violence”, “lone wolf attacks”, gun violence and (the mother of all euphemisms!) “man-caused disaster”. According to their “narrative”, Putin, the Mullahs of Iran and the savages of ISIS do not even belong to our “21st century” the murderous toll in black neighborhoods of Chicago, Baltimore and Detroit are “gun violence” and the unchecked, unvetted waves of illegal immigration are all “dreamers” and future “valedictorians”.

Our elitist leaders have lately taken to informing us that we must “expect” the acts of those young men as a part of our “normal” life going forward. The (Muslim) mayor of London, our own feckless Secretary of State John Kerry and many others have said exactly the same in recent months. At home and abroad, we are expected to pay no attention to the deadly results of their futile attempts to force the world into the utopia that even they don’t really believe in. The forgetting and ignorance they try to force on us is monumental. Hillary Clinton has even told a congressional panel in essence to forget inquiring about the responsibility for the sacrifice of our ambassador and three other brave Americans in Benghazi asking “What difference does it make now anyway?”

Anyone who tries to reveal the truth or to suggest the otherwise obvious remedies for the situation are squelched. Destroy the base of the world-wide jihad network with a direct and all out military effort? Surveil proven incubators of jihadist activity in our own country? At the very least can we agree that there really IS a profile of the most obvious perpetrators of jihadi violence and watch them more closely? Or how about simply monitoring the travel of refugees and asylum seekers and if one of them travels back to the place from which he allegedly fled and it is a known terror locale, revoke his travel documents and do not allow him back into the US. Any one of these measures would have saved more American lives than “gun control”. But no, Obama turns up his nose, thrusts forward his haughty chin and proclaims, “That is not who we are”. 

“Not who we are” is his way of drawing our attention away from the ugly reality he has created. It is emotional blackmail. It is the domestic analog of Obama and Kerry trying to invalidate the existence of Putin and, the mullahs and ISIS by labeling them “not of the 21st century”. Last time I looked, they are all still there…

For many of us who are not in the elite, it IS who we are. Taking reasonable and rational steps to recognize and combat a threat to the lives and freedom of our citizens used to be exactly who America was and we need to return there as soon as possible.

Obama, Kerry and Clinton don’t fear random violence. They live behind big fences and have constant armed security around them.

They shame the use of words like “Islamic Terror”, “rapist” “Thug”, “Crazy” and “Illegal Alien"  with accusations of “racism” and “islamophobia” and xenophobia. They do this because those are the very words we need to use in order to understand the danger they have engineered. It is, again, emotional blackmail. They do it to lull us into believing that “it will not be me, today, who will die for their mad pursuit of utopia” - to keep us sufficiently anesthetized and repressed that we don’t rise up, name it and try to reverse it. 

It is a modern reprise of Shirley Jackson’s nightmarish and brilliant short story, The Lottery. The Lottery is a tale of a congenial-seeming, mid-twentieth century  “American” village in which the villagers gather every year to participate in a lottery in which one innocents villager is chosen by lot to be stoned to death. They do this in the belief that the lottery in some way gives stability to their lives and fosters economic security. The difference now between this fiction and our reality is that “Mr Stevens”, the person who ran the lottery took part in the risk of lottery himself and was not the exclusive economic beneficiary. He was exposed to the jeopardy along with the rest and got no extra pay or security. Obama, Kerry, and Clinton want the rest of us to give up our arms, take down our fences, open our borders, forget the serial terror, ignore the blood of our neighbors and accept the chance that we will be next- as a normal part of life; while they go on amassing huge personal fortunes, selling out the interests of the people who actually make and do things of value, and wielding power that is less and less fettered by constitutional limits. 

They are like monsters of some ancient myth who mesmerize their victims with tales of utopia and paradise of socialist security even while they are feeding off our labor and good will. Our aspirations for a better life for our children are being squelched and our fears and concerns are invalidated. 

Mrs Clinton famously asked, “What difference does it make?” When Trey Gowdy honed in on her lies about her responsibility for the deaths of four of her employees. As she now grasps for absolute hold on the apparatus of government, we must understand her question as more emotional blackmail. The elite have already assaulted the property and lives of conservatives with the IRS. Like all other dishonest and mistaken leaders in human history, when they can, they will not just ignore anything that that proves them wrong they will crush it or kill it- with a vengeance. 

Here is the difference it makes, Madam Secretary: 
It used to be that the lives of American citizens could not be bartered for gold or political power. You have changed that and this is a very big difference indeed. You lied about Benghazi precisely to help your progressive president fend off Mitt Romney and Romney lacked the courage to expose you and stand up for us. Donald Trump is calling you on it and that is why I am for him. Not just because he is against you but because he seems to know what makes a difference!

So convinced are they of their own worth and the depravity of anyone who disagrees with them, they will stop at nothing. Just look at the attacks they have launched at Trump and his supporters: “Deplorable”, “mentally deficient”, “reckless”, “immature”, “indecent” and “violent”. Yet it is the supporters of the Democrats who have firebombed the North Carolina headquarters of of the Trump campaign. 

No less a fraud than Elizabeth Warren, who at least three times on official student and employment application documents fraudulently claimed to be a Native American in order to gain entry to the elite and enhance her career, last week publicly accused Trump of advocating the assassination of Hillary Clinton. Trump, for all his human faults, is not that kind of a monster, only people so impressed with their own infallibility and worth could be so ruthless. I vote for Trump because he is our only hope to stem the bloody tide of sacrifice.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Hillary’s Mysterious Ailment Revealed

Dr Woody Cabeza MD is reporting a new and ominous diagnosis of Mrs Clinton’s health problems. After studying her movements and appearance for several months, he had a breakthrough on the afternoon of September 11th. The photograph shown above was all the evidence he needed to diagnose that Mrs Clinton suffers from a severe and dangerous form of a degenerative disorder only recently identified and entirely new to medical science. The disorder is now known as either Progressive Dummification or The Perverse Pinnochio. It is thought to be brought on by the mental and physical rigors of maintaining multiple, laughably false narratives in spite of overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

The condition involves a sequential and irreversible transformation of the subject from a living human being to a zombie-like creature. The more absurd the contrast between the lies being told and the bald hubris of the person telling them, the faster and more dramatic the transformation becomes. Of course, not all liars suffer from this syndrome, and the medical authorities have postulated that it is a condition that has to be set in motion by some single and enormous travesty of truth and honor- an untruth so unfathomable and and a betrayal of such magnitude that it turns the perpetrator’s heart into and oaken knot. 

I have researched her actions in the past to find this one immense misdeed but, the truth is, it could be any one of many. Going back over Hillary’s life time is not for the faint of heart. It might have been the “missing” files from her employment with the Rose Law firm that miraculously turned up  years later in a bedroom of the the executive apartment in the White House. Imagine that! Or perhaps it had something to do with the death of Vince Foster. He was after all, said to be very close with the Clintons. Hillary kept his composure about Vince and the dozens of other people who were close to the Clintons in some way who met untimely and often brutal ends.  The Whitewater scandal and the personal destruction of all the women her husband raped and molested were relatively unchallenging for a liar and cheat of her calibre so I don’t think the answer lies there. Late in the game as is was the Benghazi affair is a good candidate though. Just think lying to the face of grieving parents about the cause of their sons’ death was bad enough but adding the final insult of promising to bring the people responsible to justice when she knew SHE was the one responsible! Well that’s a screamer if I ever heard one! There are plenty of candidates in her past but, in here immortal words, “what difference does it make now”? Maybe it was pure self serving nature of her asking that question? 

Thus, as her lifetime of telling lies culminates in a rapidly accelerating snowball of lies that are now being told, retold and reinforced with new lies she is spiraling ever faster toward total Dummyhood. Just look at the effect that her DNC speech had on her. By the time she was half way through telling anyone who was listening that she would be a good thing for the middle class of the USA, she was already taking on the glazed stare and toothy grimace of a wooden dummy.Take a look- eerie isn’t it?

The speed of the transformation, is accelerating at an incredible speed as she has had to spew lies at a truly dizzying rate just to avoid admitting that she is a complete fraud and a sociopathic, power-hungry fiend. The as she back-fills desperately the lies get more and more transparent- so transparent that even some liberals and progressives are having trouble ignoring them.  If you took a look at my link above about all the people who have died of “being close to the Clintons” you really want to read the one about the killing of Seth Conrad Rich who has been rumored to have been the source for Wikileaks’ release of the DNC emails.

In the few short weeks since the DNC, she has progressed from  resembling the wooden hearted dummy above to bearing a disturbing similarity to a much more sinister kind of dummy. Chuck for president anyone?

Hi, I’m Hillary and I am your friend till the end. Hidey-ho!

Hi, I’m Chucky, and I’m your friend till the end. Hidey-ho!

Monday, August 29, 2016

How Hating War Makes More War

It was a mystery. Now I think I know what strange aberration of thought had its hold of her when Peggy Noonan supported the candidacy (at least in 2008) of our most disastrous president in history. Peggy Noonan is a Progressive. This past Saturday’s column in the WSJ was a tragically ironic lament against both Clinton and Trump because they won’t publicly say they “hate” war. Her “reasoning" unintentionally exposes her sympathy for the progressive lunacy behind the Obama administration’s foreign policy. That very policy which has encouraged the horrors that are rising in the east and threaten to engulf the entire world. 

Ms Noonan, usually a most subtle thinker and artful writer, misses entirely the irony of her praise for Roosevelt’s 1936 speech at Chataqua which was the very avatar of the self-satisfied progressive appeasement that led to World War II  and her echoing the feckless foreign policy of the Obama administration - including Secretary of State Clinton. It sounds familiar -all too familiar to me- Ms Noonan quotes Roosevelt in 1936 as...

serving the cause of peace by “setting an example” and following the policy of the good neighbor—“the neighbor who resolutely respects himself and, because he does so, respects the rights of others.” ... “the whole world now knows that the United States cherishes no predatory ambitions. We are strong; but less powerful nations know that they need not fear our strength.” 

All the while, Hitler was building his Nazi nightmare, Roosevelt was proving his peaceableness by not standing up for the Czechs, the Austrians or the Jews. 

Japan raped China. Gosh that was harsh- but didn’t it just go to prove that war is hell?
Oh, what a good neighbor! How sweet that Roosevelt hated war so much! 

He also proved that we had no "predatory ambitions" while Hitler overran Europe. I guess he was sort of  "leading from behind"- so full of "self respect" was he that even as the blood of Polish officers’ and Jewish innocents flowed, he despised war

Then on Sunday Dec 7th 1941 Japan, so convinced they must have been that they need not fear our strength,  smashed The Pacific (how aptly named) Fleet and that century’s "soft power” charade was exposed. At least it was discredited for THAT generation. A Nipponized bit of the old Sixth Avenue el in Cummings’ words did it.

What will it take for our generation? Certainly not pictures of little traumatized Arab kids- not if all you want to get out of them is “I hate war”. 9/11 couldn’t do it because nowadays we couldn’t call it an Islamisized jetliner mass murder. Beheadings, stabbings and shootings won’t get it done if you insist that they are incidents of work place violence, and man caused disasters. Are the endless barbaric videos of beheadings and immolations just so much war to hate? Or are they a call to action? 

If other nations do not fear us we must end up fearing them. That is how it works. Not just in past centuries but in this one and into the future. We cannot choose never to see a child harmed, our choice is limited to making sure that it is not our children. Never our children.

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Arab on Arab Violence- We have Pictures

I have posted many times about “Pallywood”and its cousins throughout the Islamic world. From al Durah touching off the second intifada forward, attempts to delegitimize Israel have been swallowed whole by the gullible and self-destructive western media. 

Lately, there has been quite a lot of this kind of foolishness coming out of Syria. Even though I don’t really see myself having a dog in that fight, not long ago, I posted about this picture that appeared in the Wall Street Journal:

While it seemed obvious to me that this was another of the crass, cynical and pathetically inept faux news photos that are launched almost as often as Katyusha rockets in that neighborhood, I was surprised that the WSJ fell for it and that there was some discussion on my blog post and elsewhere  by people who thought it might be genuine. Rather than get into a long discussion again about how spiffy clean the kid is and how utterly destroyed the building.
Lets just look at what a (probably) genuine example looks like:

Any questions?

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

NCE- Another Nasty Meme

Political correctness exits sole as a way of stifling  ideas, speech and behavior that make some people uncomfortable. Truth is often the most uncomfortable thing and, while discomfort is not always proof of truth, it is a close enough indicator to merit investigation. This is why political correctness is so corrosive. It shuts down thought and discussion in order only to soothe feelings. In the process, it prevents a closer relationship with truth. 

When people and their ideas need to be silenced to preserve PC, those people must be disqualified  and, if possible, destroyed without respect (or even reference) to their ideas. One way of blotting out people and their messages is to disqualify them- to define them in such a way that it justifies you and others like you in believing that “those people” could not possibly have anything of value to say. That they are somehow both wrong and incapable of improvement.

This, I believe is the reason for the current change in memes that are applied to the supporters of Donald Trump. Keeping in mind that the statistics do not entirely support the characterization, let’s look at what is being said about them in the media. Working Class used to be the term applied. It is a superficially respectful term. There used to be a respect for useful work diligently done even if elite classes expressed such feelings in a patronizing way. 

How many politicians take pains to tell personal stories, no matter how false or twisted, about their origins in a “working class” family. These stories, however, always end in ascension to the elite class of politicians. The pretention and pride 

If “working class” sounds too dignified and authentic to you and you need to completely negate what you do not want to hear or even acknowledge the existence of, then you need something stronger. The most popular and dishonorable example of this is “Non-College Educated”. It is a designer meme- so effective at damning the opposition and making real debate and, even the facts of the matter, inoperative. Who needs reason and facts when you can just ignore them because they are “uneducated”? 

Of course, any such means to dodge real confrontation with facts and debate only works if your need is particularly desperate- and Donald Trump makes them desperate. 

The truth is, the Non-College Educated (let’s just call them the “NCE” from now on) are not stupid. They are not ineducable and they are not wrong about much in their own lives. They can’t afford to be. They are the hardest working and, in many ways the most accomplished people we have. They have closer families, are more religious and feel more patriotic than the average American. Because they tend not to make their livings at occupations that do not amass great wealth, they are probably better at managing money and time than most. All of these traits speak to practicality and intelligence and they are all things that the jaded elites, who would like to rule them without question, look down upon. You are constantly being “defined out” of the universe of what and who is acceptable.

If you can see that open border immigration is a danger at worst and a dilution of our culture at best, the President tells you you are not acceptable by sniffing, “That is not who we are”. If you can see that the vast majority of terrorism is done by Islamic groups, The president asserts that it “is not true Islam”, decreeing your observation be not acceptable. If the FBI director makes a long speech detailing the malfeasance and disregard for the rules of security of the former Secretary of State and the media helps her to frame it as “exoneration” your sense of outrage, morality and violated fairness is rendered unacceptable. 

I am college educated. In fact, I have a master’s degree. But I know they mean to demean me because I am also a Trump Supporter. I do not care that he speaks his mind and sometimes overstates things. At least he is sincere and honest. I would sooner trust a seasoned businessman with an independent fortune who says what he thinks.  I certainly prefer him to a proven liar who has become rich by selling her influence to anyone with the pony-up. If you have an inkling that speaking fees in the mid-6 figure range for the husband of the Secretary of State that coincide with official actions by The State Department in favor of the entities who paid those fees constitute a selling-out of our nation in a very public and dishonorable way you would too- Unless you are way too elite for folks like us.

Friday, July 22, 2016

The “Dark Speech” Meme

The emerging meme to distract the public’s attention from his message and drain away the power of Trump’s speech last night it to call it a “Dark Speech”. 

It is not really clear why they chose this meme yet but I do know that it has huge psychological significance. This was not a dark speech - as progressive writers characterize it- It did, however, shine light into a lot of dark corners where the progressive agenda has cultivated the cultural molds of economic paralysis, political correctness, inept statesmanship, military failure and race baiting. He pulled the drapes aside and let the sunlight in. Liberals may clutch their pearls and fan themselves but it is too late. They have been exposed as the party of darkness.

Who is afraid of the dark? Not real people who live in reality.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

You’re On Fire, Stupid!

Clipped from WSJ web site credit European PRESSPHOTO AGENCY

It is a moment that should be captured and framed for more than its comic, irony.  As the Wall Street Journal described it:

“A crowd of hundreds of police officers, reporters, and onlookers swarmed around the flag burning protest carried out by a small number of communist activists.As the flag began to burn, it touched the back of one of the protesters, prompting a senior police officer to begin shouting “You’re on fire, stupid! You’re on fire!”At that point, police officers – some on horseback and some with bicycles – moved in to isolate and handcuff a small number of protesters.Police said two of their officers were assaulted, suffering minor injuries. It was not immediately clear how many people were charged with crimes as a result of the incident.”

I know, its almost too perfect. While the ignoramuses and terrorists (in this case they style themselves as communist revolutionaries) play out their destructive dramas and make war on reality, it is left to the police who are pledged to protect and serve to save them from the fantasy that they were making a “political statement” and prevent them from burning themselves along with the flag. 

As if that were not enough, the flag burners are wearing black t-shirts emblazoned with this logo:

Note the flaming color of the lettering, what a brilliant garment to set on fire with you in it!

So who is BA? Non other than Bob Avakian, a sad little aging communist revolutionary apparently still pining for the salad days of the revolution that never came in Berkeley. BA has been stalwartly manning the run-down, shop worn roadside commie sales booth since the sixties. He is still mongering the same, tainted, fermenting fruit salad of one-world liberation of the dispossessed masses that most of the rest of us recognized at the time as not just pathetically impractical but far more oppressive and lethal than almost any alternative. Just think of Mao, Stalin and Lenin (who are BA’s inspirations and exemplars) and the millions that were liberated from their earthly existence under their regimes and you get the picture. 

I’ve been to his web site, I hate to give him the clicks but I just had to do it. Take my word for it, its only good for a reminder of the crap that many more people used to accept as thought than do now. Oh, those “Heady” days of the drugs, sex, rock and roll.  Once again, even nostalgia isn’t what it used to be. Anyway, I’ve been to the web site so you don’t have to. It is mainly about flogging his film, radio show and his warped view of the world. Here is the centerpiece quote, apparently from his movie:

"Those this system has cast off, those it has treated as less than human, can be the backbone and driving force of a fight not only to end their own oppression, but to finally end all oppression, and emancipate all of humanity.”

Human beings are funny, aren’t they? “The end of all oppression”, Emancipate all of humanity” It sounds too good to be true. That’s because it is. We already have (at least the post Obama remnants of) the system that has done the most in human history to reduce oppression and increase emancipation and we have seen the evidence of what Communism’s alternative are. I’ve already mentioned Stalin, Lenin and Mao but you can add in Chavez’s legacy in Venezuela where thousands are flooding into neighboring countries to avoid depravation and starvation, and don’t forget Pol Pot and the millions of innocents who died in the killing fields.  It is amazing that the idiots that rail against capitalism and the “antquated constitution of the U.S. seem willing to believe in the utopian ravings of a blatant self-promoter who wants to bring the utopia of communism here. So why should we be surprised when they set their stupid selves on fire.

The Cleveland cop summed it up better than I can, “You’re on fire, stupid!” 

God bless the police, I would have been tempted to let them burn.

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Nice is All You Need to Know

In this Reuters photograph the covered body of a little girl lies on the Promenade in Nice. This is what we are up against and it is high time we have a clear picture of what it is.
  1. Its not just about immigration the beast who did this was a citizen of France, just as the Orlando shooter was an American born Muslim.
  2. It is not just about religion: It is a totalitarian system that embraces religion, law, morality and (most of all) culture.
  3. It is not just about a lone wolf. It is planned, advocated, inspired, supported in concert with a monstrous movement that wants to conquer the world.
  4. It is not about jobs or alienation. Their culture is what alienates them and keeps them unemployed.
  5. Islam is not about Peace. Islam means submission and this is what happens to the children of those who do not submit.
  6. It is not at all about the oil or the U.S. or the decadence of The West. It is about Sharia, The Caliphate and Jihad.
  7. Its not just about Terror, It is annihilation by the most brutal and indiscriminate means possible.
  8. It is not about to stop. If it we do not wake up and stop it. it will kill you gladly. It will kill everyone you know and love and it will turn the entire world into exactly the kind of cauldron of mutilation, murder and  horror that it has made of Iran, Iraq, Syria, Eritrea, Sudan, Nigeria and Libya.

Make no mistake; it has all but swallowed Europe and it is, as we sit here, wrapping its tentacles around North America. It is coming after us all and the only difference between this baby and your little girl or boy is luck and timing.

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Its Not Terrorism! It Is Conquest, It Is Annihilation, It Is War!

While I and many others have been fighting a futile battle with the refusal of The President and his regime to call this murder by the name “Islamic Terror” a simpler truth has gone unidentified by us all. While the avoidance of the name “Islamic” is stupefying in its absurdity, the term “terror” is, in its way, just as delusional.

According to the FBI’s web site one of the three characteristics  of terrorism is the appearance that it is…
“…intended (i) to intimidate or coerce a civilian population; (ii) to influence the policy of a government by intimidation or coercion; or (iii) to affect the conduct of a government by mass destruction, assassination. or kidnapping…”
If it is not apparent to you by now that the main aim of the murders, bombings, hijackings, beheadings burnings and other attacks has less to do with coercion, intimidation and influence than it does with destruction and annihilation lets look at what the leaders of the movement actually say about it

Osama bin Laden:
“America is a great power possessed of tremendous military might and a wide-ranging economy, but all this is built on an unstable foundation which can be targeted, with special attention to its obvious weak spots. If America is hit in one hundredth of these weak spots, God willing, it will stumble, wither away and relinquish world leadership.”

Note, he did not say anything about having an influence on American policy. Nor is there anything in here about making Americans so fearful as to be compliant with his Islamic beliefs. He is interested in the destruction of America.


Abu Musab al Zarqawi:
“The killing of infidels by any method including martyrdom (suicide) operations has been sanctified by many scholars even if it means killing innocent Muslims“¦The shedding of Muslim blood”¦is allowed in order to avoid the greater evil of disrupting jihad.”

Note: Killing infidels is an exalted goal not the mere terrorizing of them - slaughter of non muslims is considered so important that even the incidental deaths of “innocent” believers can be allowed!

Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi:
"Soon, by Allah's permission, a day will come when the Muslim will walk everywhere as a master, having honor, being revered, with his head raised high and his dignity preserved. Anyone who dares to offend him will be disciplined, and any hand that reaches out to harm him will be cut off.
"So let the world know that we are living today in a new era. Whoever was heedless must now be alert. Whoever was sleeping must now awaken. Whoever was shocked and amazed must comprehend. The Muslims today have a loud, thundering statement, and possess heavy boots. They have a statement that will cause the world to hear and understand the meaning of terrorism, and boots that will trample the idol of nationalism, destroy the idol of democracy, and uncover its deviant nature.
"So listen, O ummah of Islam. Listen and comprehend. Stand up and rise. For the time has come for you to free yourself from the shackles of weakness, and stand in the face of tyranny, against the treacherous rulers – the agents of the crusaders and the atheists, and the guards of the Jews.

Note: The above is an excerpt of from Al-Baghdadi’s speech at the beginning of Ramadan in 2014. It is terrifyingly ironic that a year ago he laid it out for us so clearly. He said it very plainly, “The Muslims today have a loud, thundering statement, and possess heavy boots. They have a statement that will cause the world to hear and understand the meaning of terrorism, and boots that will trample the idol of nationalism, destroy the idol of democracy, and uncover its deviant nature.”  To him, Terrorism is nothing less than the conquest of the the world and the annihilation of infidels in the name of Islam.

So you see, YOU are not safe- and it is not because the violence is random and not because Jihadis are only trying scare us into altering our behavior-  They really want to kill YOU they want to kill all of us. They are not just aiming to create a fearful response. What they are doing is a slow process of conquest. If you are still alive, it is because they have not gotten to you yet. We are all the target, including you, yes, you.

And don’t bother to remind me that there are more peaceful and moderate Muslims than there are Annihilationists. Thats nice and I agree. I also agree that it is horrible that millions of them have been murdered by Jihadis and the slaughter goes on still. I just don’t see any alternative but to insist that they get control of their fellow Muslims and stop them. We should help them but before we can help them or ourselves, we have to have leaders who will look at reality and call it by its proper name.

That is why from now, I will refer to these attacks as Islamic Annihilations and I will use the term Islamic World Conquest as a synonym for Jihad.


Monday, May 2, 2016

The Wall Street Journal Duped!

Am I the only one who noticed this thing? I was away on vacation and unable to post when this came to my attention. Please help me to embarrass the WSJ- Send this out and post it anywhere you can!

The cover of last Friday’s Wall Street Journal had this ridiculous example of Islamic Fauxtographic Journalism:
This is another classic example of Islamic “fauxtography”. The picture is so obviously staged that I feel embarrassed for the photo editor who selected it. To imagine that a toddler could be pulled out of the wreckage alive is fanciful enough but, okay, miracles do happen. But look again. How could the grimy “rescue worker” possibly have dug the baby out of the rubble. The kid doesn’t have a spot on his clean white tee shirt and socks. And don’t tell me that the dust on the rescue worker is light colored and wouldn’t show, I’ve raised six kids and I know that a white tee shirt shows everything! That kid’s mother must have known he would be starring in the latest promo shots for the Jihad and put him in a brand new outfit. Anyway, the child’s pants are dark blue and nothing shows there either. That’s without even asking, "how could he have escaped being trapped by all that falling masonry with nary a nick or cut on his big, round, pink head?

The truth is, there is a well documented and very sad history of this kind of “journalism” albeit most has been directed at vilifying Israel and the US. Pallywood and fauxtography have a long history. I’ve written about it before by PBS here .  Perhaps the most infamous example was the filming of the non-death of Mohammed al Durah that was exploited to touch off the emotional reaction that fed into the first intefada. It includes some of the most pathetic ruses ever swallowed by a media hungry for images and emotions. My favorite (I wrote about it here) was the Iraqi woman who was photographed during the battle for Sadr City holding up two bullets that she claimed an American soldier fired at her home. Unfortunately for her, and the media stooges who reprinted the picture, the bullets she brandished were live rounds, still shiny and unfired in there brass cartridges. So what did he do, lady, throw them at you?

The whole thing would be funny were it not so dangerous. Western media pipeline this stuff all the time - right from the cesspools of Jihadi propaganda to the living rooms of The West- no filter at all. Until stuff like this gets identified and ridiculed, it will keep on twisting the public debate and anesthetizing the survival instincts of our culture.

If you had no other clue to the falsity of the picture of the "rescue", all you had to do was look at its provenance. Agence France, by way of a Jihadi photographer- Just like much of the propaganda from the middle east (including the al Durah affair by Charles Enderlin), funneled through French media by Arab/Islamic photographerss on the ground... Oh, by the way, the bullet lady came by way of Agence France too. 

Monday, November 23, 2015

Beyond Sadness!

How easy it is to be sad! How easy and yet how debilitating. I attended the funeral today of Ezra Schwartz, the American boy who was murdered in Israel last Thursday, with my two sons. My boys both attend Maimonides School with him and knew Ezra. As I stood there and listened to the family's beautiful and heart-rending eulogies I was overtaken not so much with sadness but a combination of rage and fear. My boys will graduate from Maimonides next year and go to Israel as Ezra did and I already fear for their safety. As I experience this fear, the rage follows on its heels. 

I understand that the immediate family and close friends need to plumb the depths of their personal devastation. I would never deprive them of that important catharsis but I really think the rest of us need to have a more positive and proactive response.

I am furious that a boy like Ezra can be raised to be such a beautiful human being only to be extinguished by another boy who was raised in a society that feeds its children on a steady diet of Jew-hatred and blood-lust. I am incensed that deaths like Ezra’s are often “rationalized” as an “understandable” result of Arab anger at Israeli policy. My fury is lifted almost beyond my ability to express it to know that even with the evidence of thousands of terror deaths -it is not just since the last intifada, not since 9/11, not since the 1948 war of independence but since the beheading of 900 Jews in Quireiza more than a thousand years ago- that the pathetic likes of Obama can still live in denial of what is causing (and what can remedy) this horror. 

And then, there is the white house statement, issued as only after spokesman Kirby was asked about it during a news conference and after an unseemly delay,  Kirby said, ”We were deeply saddened…,”. Oh yes, there is the sadness again! They referred to Ezra’s murder as one among other "...tragic incidents…" implying that there are what they would call “tragedies” on both sides. 

The name Obama was never associated with this travesty of political correctness, signifying his separating himself from it. The statement never mentions in what name it was committed. It also calls it “tragic”, no less. This is NOT a tragedy. To call it tragic relegates it to an act of fate or God- something about which we can all share saddness.  No, It is an atrocity! 

Until we can name the monstrous ideology that inspired Ezra’s killer and until we can stop ONLY being sad, these atrocities will occur continue again and again. The problem  is that Israel’s restraint and fear of “world opinion” combined with the bootless refusal to recognize the Islamic nature of the terror and the morally bankrupt lack of leadership provided by President Obama have allowed the Palestinians to dream that it their desire to “push the Jews into the Sea” might someday be rewarded with success. They have been encouraged thereby to continue to train their children to hate and murder.

Its right to be sad, but understand that if you are only sad, you will be sadder still in times to come.

Taken together with his cowardice in the face of Putin and his pandering to Islamic radicalism world wide, his treatment of Israel and his handing Nuclear Club membership to Iran, Obama has, as no other human being in history, loosed disorder and violence from the bonds that once constrained them. His memory will be accursed down the ages.