Friday, October 6, 2017

This IS “What Happened"

This was harder for me to watch than the video of the Decapitation of Daniel Pearl. But just as I had to force myself to watch that video so that I could think and write about it with authenticity, I have watched this one too. 
It would be easy to dismiss this recent gag-worthy, disingenuous, kitsch demonstration as just another feeble, thinly disguised attempt by the liberal elite to negate the true meaning of the 2016 election- a message they are desperately ignoring. But it is more than that.
It is the very reason we should rejoice that this obscene puffer fish of a politician is not our president and why we must continue to fight for our message to be heard. This pack of, barely out of college joke peddlers and the absurdly now I’m a slut, no- now I’m a pot-head, no, really, now I’m a teary-eyed, maudlin pop singer are far more dangerous than they appear. They are quite literally blinded by what HRC represents to them and deliberately ignorant (in a stereotypically totalitarian way) of what she really is. The First Woman to be Nominated by a Major Party, indeed! Robert Mugabe was the first dictator of Zimbabwe, so what? 
And if that nudnik thinks that the only thing that was criticized about HRC during the campaign was hair, wardrobe and appearance, then, I guess, she never heard the expressions, “Crooked Hillary” or "Lock Her Up”. The topper comes when HRC writes her note and goes all Stuart Smalley. She tells all the little girls out there that they are, “Smart, Strong and Deserving of Every Opportunity”! This is not just barfable, and pathetic it is a puerile dose of the kind of emotional blackmail that is the only sustaining force behind the Progressive agenda. They do not answer to reality and necessity they are slaves to causes, feelings and needs - all manipulated and prescribed for them by “leaders” like HRC. 
This is the scary fruit of the “every soccer player gets a trophy” generation. This is what we are up against.

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