Thursday, May 10, 2007

No Poopy Heads Allowed

Dear Valued Readers and Guests,

Sorry there has been no new major post this week. I am working on another big one that has really become important to me so I want it to be developed properly.

I want to say something here too about comments. I am more grateful than you could ever know for all of the thoughtful comments I have received. I retain control over each that goes up and I approve every one that shows honest thought and engagement with the issues- whether I agree with it or not.

However, I will not print comments, the only substance of which, is invective or unsupported opinion. I am sorry if you feel compelled to offer opinions without substance. If you offer no reason for your dismissal of my thoughts I have no idea what your problem with them might be. This what we might call a "poopyhead" argument. I am afraid although this tactic is a particular specialty of the liberal left, it is also employed by the bigoted extreme right.

You can call anyone a poopyhead and dismiss anything as “rubbish” but if you don't care to explain why you do that, it is nothing more than a meaningless attack, one which assaults nothing so much as the level of discourse.

What gives you the right to pronounce this or that statement utter rubbish without offering reason? I could call you a poopyhead just as easily as you can call me a poopyhead. Anyway, I am afraid I find it a terrible waste of our time and I won’t participate.

Bottom line: It’s my blog.


Anonymous said...

Yaacov, you are a jewel among the sometimes murky waters of the Internet. G-D Bless and keep you!

Joshua 1:9. ...Be strong and of a good courage...

Yaacov Ben Moshe said...

Thankyou, Anon. I guess I am forced to admit that I think your comment to be well considered and honest.