Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The Progressive Struggle Against Reality

I found this on LGF

Here is a great example of how self-aggrandizing and masturbatory Progressive behavior can be. They really think anybody in the larger society takes them and their "cause" seriously. Faux Indian Ward Churchill gives a speech in which he makes less sense than the 1970's "foremost authority" of erudite double talk, Professor Irwin Corey. Churchill's “speech” is even more like a parody of a real speech with real substance than Professor Irwin Corey’s old satirical routine.

He's trying to pretend there is a struggle where there is none so he can be the hero of it. But what comes out of his mouth is just a flood of inflated talk about "clarity" and "reality". He blabbers about "the pooling of commonalities of our humanities"- about "responsibilities". None of the floating concepts actually land anywhere or point anywhere. Ahhhh- Don't try too hard to follow it, no one in the crowd there was.

Thank God I never had to sit (shuffle, fidget, sleep and doodle) through a lecture by that bore.

This makes more sense and its more entertaining-

That's it- the struggle against reality!

BTW, about fifteen years ago I ran into Professor Irwin Corey working as a shill in one of the smaller booths at a trade show in the Javits Center in New York- My guess at the time was the company could not afford attractive young women in scoop-necked business casual clothes so they hired that old dud. Hmmm… that’s one career option he has over Ward.


Nancy Coppock said...

Oh, that Liberals could see themselves the way we see them! But then reality would hit and they would see the light and be redeemed!

A perfect balance of nuttery! Well done, my friend.

Blazingcatfur said...

Thanks for the laughs, Churchill is almost as funny, if only he didn't think anyone of sound mind took him seriously.