Friday, May 23, 2008

An Open Thank You Letter to Charles Enderlin and France2

Thank You Charles Enderlin and France2-

We have to admit we were angry with you for libeling Israel that we wanted to get you to take it back. It wasn’t just anger. We wanted to make it impossible for you to ever release such a tidal wave of violence and blood on us again. After the disastrous aftermath of your al Durah report, so many people suffered and died, we have come to think of you more as a war criminal than just an unethical journalist. Really, we do not feel that you deserve to be thought of as an honorable journalist. Fortunately for us your character flaws have relieved us of the responsibility to attack you. If you had ignored our criticism, let the whole thing drop and not sued anyone you would still be on top of the world today and Israel and the Jewish people would still be blackened by your libel.

Your restless guilt and vanity would not let you do the smart thing, though, and you sued Philipe Karsenty. Only those blinded by self-importance and its underlying insecurity, on the one hand, and driven by a need to deny fault on the other, would have felt the need.

So you showed your weakness and hubris just by filing the suit. Even more important though, from your law suit flowed the healing drama in the French courtroom in March. First, you demeaned yourself by bringing obviously altered tape into evidence into the courtroom. Then you further revealed your self delusion by pretending not to notice the derisive laughter of the gallery or that even the judge who was questioning you was treating you and your evasive explanations with amused disdain.

Now that the judgment is published, Charles, we are very pleased to see that you are going to do your best to help us to help you to complete your self-destruction by taking it to a higher court. We never had the stomach for the dirty fight you are waging we do not like to destroy other people- no matter how richly deserved. We, therefore are especially grateful to you that you have not had the moral fiber to resist you darker instincts and have thereby undertaken to do the job yourself.

We are not character assassins- but we are enjoying immensely watching your character commit a spectacularly public suicide.

Yaacov Ben Moshe,
Second Draft


Pastorius said...

Great letter.

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Anonymous said...

Great letter!

thank you for putting it so well.



wolfline said...

What and awesome blog! I was referred to it from Solomonia, and I find I can't get away from it although it's nearly 3 am in Jerusalem, and I have to go to work in a few hours.
I too have cross posted your open letter:

Living in Israel I see the hatred in their eyes everywhere. They receive medical treatment in our best hospitals (where Jewish nurses sometimes have to wipe their asses, literally), and they hate us. They visit our shopping malls and they hate us. They eat in restaurants and are waited at tables by Jewish waiters and they hate us and complain of apartheid. They hate us because they envy us. They envy us because even if they stood on their heads for a zillion years they would never accomplish the things we have in the past 60 years since the Declaration of Independence, and in the years prior to the State.
I have felt the foul stench of the beast's breath when people I know felt victim to their terror: Avi Rahamim murdered at the Moment Cafe; 19-year-old David Biri (I didn't know him personally, but I know his parents and close relatives) fatally wounded by a roadside bomb; the husband of a friend of mine who is still walking around with a bolt in his head from a suicide bombing; Roni Gozlan who lost his legs when he tackled a would be suicide bomber; an Englishman who was badly burned during the suicide bombing of the Mount Scopus Cafeteria.
These are people I met face to face, saw their scars, their pain, their attempts to smile again. Their suffering affects us, bystanders, as well.

Please forgive me for remaining anonymous, but I hope you understand I fear for my life and my loved ones, as I live in Jerusalem and may be identified quite easily.

God bless!