Thursday, October 2, 2008

Free Speech- Even If We Have to Put it in Code, We'll Do It!

Robert Avrech at Seraphic Secret posted this and even though I know it went up on YouTube almost a year ago - I wanted to make 3 observations on it here:

Observation 1.
The fact that it has had tens of millions of hits on You Tube (more than 66 million at this posting!) tells me that in spite of the political correctness omerta in much of the public sphere, there is a tremendous need out there to talk and think about terrorism, the Caliphate and Islam- In fact, according to YouTube's statistics this is one of the most viewed and talked about videos in history. Here is a list of its honors:
#33 - Most Discussed (All Time)
#6 - Most Discussed (All Time) - Entertainment
#8 - Most Viewed (All Time)
#1 - Most Viewed (All Time) - Entertainment
#2 - Top Favorited (All Time)
#1 - Top Favorited (All Time) - Entertainment

Observation 2.
It puts key points into a code that slips by the "correctness filter" some of the greatest differences between us and them. Here are some of them:
We have suicide hotlines- They have suicide training camps

We (in spite of the efforts of some demopathic elements) value and rely on free speech - They will kill you for saying (or even thinking) the "wrong" thing

We can laugh at just about anything (Jew joke and Catholic joke) - They laugh at nothing, although they do celebrate happily on special occasions like 9/11 and suicide bombings

Observation 3.
We all owe it to ourselves to honor the Grand Judeo-Christian tradition, especially the Anglophone democratic branch that has given rise to the finest democracies the world has ever known: Great Britain, Australia, New Zealand, most of Canada and the United States of America to fight the wave of fascism and Sharia that threatens to bridle the English language by excluding the proper names for our deadly enemies. We shouldn't have to speak in code and this video might not seem quite as funny as it does if it did not seem quite so outrageous to speak these things out loud. Dammit! get out there and offend someone who deserves it today!

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Anonymous said...

You must remember this:

Please let me know if anything I say offends you.
I will probably want to offend you again in the future.