Friday, January 2, 2009

Can Public Broadcasting Really be THIS Contemptible?

Oh Yes, I think they can.

While working on a new post last night had to visit the NPR web page for a transcript. I allowed myself to become distracted by a gallery of pictures. (Look here and click on the picture entitled "Israel Attacks Targets in Gaza") Only two photos into the gallery, I came across this obvious fake.

It is a prototypical Pallywood tableaux, the very composition of which should be a dead give away at this point. Palestinians are, if we were to believe their fancifully posed pictures, the only people on earth whose immediate urge, when their friends and fellows are injured, is to grab them and try to twist them into cruel and dangerous positions. The Second Draft has documented Palestinians dragging, dropping, rolling and hoisting allegedly wounded comrades in savage disregard for their well being. Recall that even the recent mass carnage in Mumbai produced no photographs of a comparable level of callous and medically damaging treatment to that routinely published by mainstream media as representing the transport of wounded among the Arabs of Gaza and the West Bank.

If this were not damning enough evidence that the NPR photo editors are prepared to drop all pretense of integrity and professional responsibility in the cause of blackening Israel's name, let's look more closely at a couple of other aspects of this picture.

The caption alleges that the young man being pulled and twisted like a quid of taffy by his friends here was shot by Israelis using live ammunition. Generally when someone is shot there would be a hole of some sort in their person. Bullet holes are generally accompanied by profuse bleeding. At first glance, the vivid red on the arms that hold the feet of the subject alarms the eye but on closer inspection (below)

it is obvious that there is some combination of ugly clothing design (the right arm of the jacket clearly has white lettering that has no tinge or spattering of red on it) and, perhaps, idiotically obvious fakery (the right arm almost appears to have been either sprayed with or dipped in some red liquid while the hand on that same arm wears what appears to be a brown, fingerless glove with no red on either the glove or the exposed fingers). Since no blood is evident on the alleged victim, the photo is credited to an Arab working for AP- a notoriously suspicious combination to begin with and there seems to be a clumsy attempt to trick the viewer into thinking there is blood present, a photo editor who had the faintest spark of skepticism or wished to make even the feeblest wave at impartiality might have at least included the word "claimed" or "reported" in the caption.

The most pathetic aspect of this photograph and its obvious cynical maipulation, however, is the utter contempt that the Palestinian actors have for the western media. Just look at this close-up

The guy who has our victim in a very un-therapeutic full-Nelson here was not even alarmed enough to put down his orange flag or to feign much concern. And how about the victim himself? At greater risk of having his neck snapped by his flag toting rescuer than of discovering a bullet hole in himself, he betrays no trace of suffering. Far from a look of pain, panic or even shock, he appears to be bearing the man-handling with a mocking smirk. They may be manipulators and liars but the Pallywood crowd knows willing dupes when they find them and have the dignity to treat them with the contempt they deserve.

One more picture in the gallery caught my attention.

Another quintessential Pallywood scene. The only female I can see in this picture is the dead girl who's face is being displayed. The disgusting manipulation and politicization of their deaths is about the only respect that children, especially girls, get in Palestinian society. They get to be chattel and propaganda weapons and that is about it. NPR makes no judgement about any of that, though, they are far more concerned with fixing the blame on Israel.

Meanwhile, this video of one of the surviving sisters of those girls who died displays more courage, integrity and honesty than all the dupes at NPR in this video clip:

The Pallywood guys are not worried, though. They know that AP, NPR, CNN and the rest will suffer the contempt and mockery rather than abandon the narrative that they have swallowed and have sold their professional integrity to propagandize. They are not able to spare themselves even that humiliation.


Anonymous said...

That's the bravest little girl I'll see this month. God be with you, little one.

Anonymous said...

Great post. I linked my similar story to yours.

Paliwood needs to be exposed for the fraud that it is.

Anonymous said...

Great post. I linked my similar story to yours.

Paliwood needs to be exposed for the fraud that it is.

Anonymous said...

Pallywood production values have become rusty.

Qana was real Pallywood, with help from the MSM who stood by waiting their turn to shoot the same scene enacted over and over by the sicko Hisbollah media types

heidianne jackson said...

great post - i fear for that young lady's life now that she, as a muslim, has spoken out against hamas. may god be with her and protect her.

shoprat said...

If nothing else the Palestinians understand propoganda. They have an astonishing ability to make a lie look like truth. They are the true children of Evil.

Anonymous said...

This is great, you are a great addition to my daily reading.

What saddens me so much about this is it has been going on for decades. New generations of kids who seemingly only are taught to throw rocks, parade their dead,and manipulate western media dupes. Which is shockingly easy to do.
And the funny thing is NPR thinks they are the smartest in the room.

lgude said...

It is interesting that it is the most staid, responsible. objective...whatever - add the adjective of your choice.... outlets like NPR and the BBC that are most firmly wedded to the Palestinian narrative. Ditto the ABC here in Australia. To say they are left wing is to miss the point. They are desperate to conserve the status quo ante when reason was deemed the universal solvent and everything was negotiable and reducable some kind of compromise. The world has changed. They and their audience have not. Bloody good job on the gloves too, mate.

Anonymous said...

The MSM - ALL of them - are just contemptible hacks! Make a buck and who cares about itegrity...

And THAT is why more and more people come to the blogosphere to get their news.

Good catch on this - thanks!

Anonymous said...

I agree with the suspicion cast on the first photograph (the two males carrying a third). The youth being carried definitely does appear to be wearing a grin on his face, and no wound is visible.

However, can we really control our facial expressions in such a moment of shock? I mean, none of us can really claim to have experienced such a situation firsthand (at leat I can't)... Maybe through a bizarre twist of human physiology even such an expression is possible (and, the wound could be on a part of his body that's not visible)?

I definitely agree about the manner in which they are carrying him. It's does not appear "medically appropriate."

About the second photograph: you mention that there is "disgusting manipulation and politization." How so? Do bodies not have to be carried somewhere to be buried, and are crowds not allowed to pay their respects to the dead?

And the society's treatment of women (however unfair it is), seems, quite frankly, irrelevant to the tragedy at hand.

Yaacov Ben Moshe said...

It disgusts me because:

1. The bodies are wrapped in Hamas flags, the flag of the government that their sister blames for and is responsible for their deaths.

2. You can clearly see from the position of the guy at the lower left of the frame and the open mouths of the men of military age that constitute more than 90% mob, that he is not leading leading them in a Muslim equivalent of Amazing Grace. They are undoubtably chanting Israel will pay, death to all Jews! as is their quaint custom.

3. If you look at the camera angle and the position of the crowd, and then notice that you can see the hand of another photographer holding either a microphone or a light meter to the immediate right of the photographer who took this shot. This is not just a picture taken for the family to keep as a remembrance, this is another staged Hamas public relations event using the Palestinian peoples' suffering to its own political advantage.

Reliapundit said...



Jewish Odysseus said...

Yaakov, I found a photo in a large array of Yahoo pics that I unfortunately cdn't copy...It showed a typical "wounded" Pal "victim" being twisted/carried/rescued by his comrade...Too bad it was a Pal PROTESTER supposedly wounded, not by Israeli bombs but by GREEK POLICE.

It matters not the stage, the script is alway the same...

Anonymous said...

And what idiot wrote in the caption, "...shot with live ammunition...." As opposed to being shot with "just pretend" ammunition?

Anonymous said...

They're growin' dem kids huge now! In the picture of the supposedly dead (wrapped in a shroud, no less), supposed 4-yr-old is at least as tall as the breadth of three large men standing shoulder-to-shoulder. Pert' tall young'un, I'd say!

Oh, and they couldn't cover her face in the shroud... she wouldn't be able to breathe!

Surind said...

Worth a watch:

Worth a read:

Anonymous said...

I wonder Hamas will do to that girl once they find out what she said.

Anonymous said...

Yaacov Ben Moshe: thanks for replying to my points. :)

1. It is a custom to wrap the flags of those deceased as a result of military conflict in the flag of their country/nation/ethnic group (what have you). In this case, since there is no Palestinian state as such, the closest thing that is available is the flag of the democratically elected governing body (which, in this case, happens to be the terrorist-minded Hamas movement).

So, there is nothing really disgusting/theatrical about the actual 'flag-wrapping' once you think about it.

The girl blaming Hamas is more interesting. However, just let me point out briefly that Israelis sometimes blame their own government too. Quoting Gideon Levy from a Haaretz article (from 9/7/2006):

"We started. We started with the occupation, and we are duty-bound to end it, a real and complete ending."

2. I am not able to say with any certainty what a person is saying based on their position and facial expression. At best, I can speculate.

3. As I said previously, do these particular people not have a right to mourn/carry the dead to be buried? The media is just documenting it.

If we are going to condemn the media for this story/photograph, we should also condemn it for stories such as this one:

(for instance, see photo 6/7: Israelis mourning over the casket of a dead soldier)

Yaacov Ben Moshe said...

If you truly can't see the difference between a soldier being honored by being buried in a casket draped with the flag he honored and died for and a little girl wrapped in the dishonorable emblem of the bloody terrorist organization that provoked the incident that killed her and now wants to make propaganda capital on her death, then you are either morally blind, or terminally stupid.

In any case, I'll have neither on my blog. If you want to play the moral equivalency game go elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

While I do not see the modern-day Israel as a rebirth of the nation as seen in the Old Testament, I am nevertheless appalled that there is even a debate over the right of a sovereign nation to defend its own borders and citizens. Shame on the 'western media' for giving a voice to those whose only purpose is the destruction of their neighbours at any and all costs!

Thomas Coolberth said...

I guess PBS really can be that bad. Who is that British a-hole on Sunday nights around 6 pm EST. All the guy does is slam the United States for hours. It's like some liberal brainwashing session.

Oh nevermind:

American Future: A History by Simon Schama