Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Ignorance Conspiracy of Political Correctness

Binks has a very fine piece up at Steynian. He has found yet another new and effective way of analogizing the terrible danger we face and the utter lack of fortitude with which most of our leaders and "thinkers" are meeting it. I left a supportive comment and, in the process, I coined a neologism ( at least I think it has not been used before) that I think is a big improvement over the old term. Here is my comment:

"This, friend Binks, is one nail hit very squarely on the head! The inability of the mice to recognize the cat and admit what needs to be done about it is staggering. That the leaders of the Ignorance Conspiracy (thats IC instead of PC) can pretend to piety and “intelligence” while enabling murder and the sack of civilization is the one true crime against humanity. This is why I am pursuing the liberal/Islamofascist love affair and Saint William Moyers so hard right now…"

Political Correctness is, indeed, a Conspiracy of Ignorance so from now on I am going to us IC instead of PC.

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Unknown said...

And the Conspiracy of Ignorance feeds on the inability to separate race and culture. So if you mention Islam's pension for terrorism, you are a racist. This means you are illogical and outside of the bounds of normal discourse.

Racism is stupid and dangerous, but mentioning that Islam backs terrorism has nothing to do with race. For that reason, I've coined neologisms of my own: Culturism and culturist.

Culturism is the opposite of multiculturalism. It actually takes diversity seriously. Multiculturalists believe culture is so benign it could not lead to violence. Culturists know culture is powerful.

When someone mentions muliculturalism, please tell them you're into culturism. When someone says your post is racist, tell them it is culturist. Then add, if diversity is real, culturism is necessary.

Thanks, John Press