Friday, July 24, 2009

Barack Hits the Nail on the Head

Barack Obama said it. He didn’t mean it the way I do but all the same…
“I have to say, I am surprised by the controversy…”

What did America expect?
When your only tool is a hammer everything in the world looks like a nail-
So, if a white policeman, in the course of making sure lives and property are protected, happens to have to ask a man who has made a very good living and a personal vendetta out of blaming America and white people, would you expect him not to make the most of an opportunity to prove himself right and secure days, weeks, maybe even months of media attention?

And if you elect a “community organizer” President of the United States he will use every trick in the book to divert the attention from facts (of which there were not many) and logic (if wind were logic this news conference would have been the general theory of relativity- but alas…) including using a media stooge to creat a diversion. After using a great many words and a tremendous amount of time to say very little about the great white elephant of a Health Reform Bill that he is trying to shove down our throats, He made sure that the last question came from a friendly face from a Chicago paper. The following clip shows him completing the final maneuver to get his media toady the microphone.

Right out of the Savage Compassion handbook. Take an emotionally stinky topic put it in a paper bag, light it on fire, throw it onto the porch, ring the doorbell then hide in the bushes and watch the fun. Who cares if you admit that you know nothing about what happened you can still blacken America’s name and accuse a police officer because “everybody knows” that this is the way it is.

So, yeah, Barak I am surprised by the controversy too. I have been expecting it. The only surprise on my part is that it is happening so soon, before the end of your year in office. I thought it might have taken longer for you to squander all that marvelous political capital that swept you into office. I surely expected that you would be politically savvy enough not to say a thing like that or to defend it a day later. But, then, when you are used to hammering the police as a community organizer they must all get to look like nails after a while…


Anonymous said...

I still think it was 0bama using that issue as a distraction from the fact that his whole 0bamacare is turning into his Waterloo just as predicted.

Yes, healthcare needs to be reformed but NOT the way 0bama wants to go about it. The American people are entitled to CHOICES and 0bama is going out of his way to take CHOICE completely out of the picture.

Jewish Odysseus said...

". Who cares if you admit that you know nothing about what happened you can still blacken America’s name..."


You racist, you!

Nancy Coppock said...

The officer better not go to the White House for that beer because the O will come out of the room, walk to the waiting camera and microphone and tell the world that the cop confessed to being wrong. That's what he did to the Caterpillar CEO. That's the way a community organizer works. That's the way Liberalism works. The New Truth must always be advanced.

shoprat said...

He doesn't have enough real world experience to understand it any other way.

Anonymous said...

Empty Suits Enjoy Intellectual Diplomatic Immunity
Joseph Kay
The "professor gone wild" episode involving Harvard professor Henry Lewis Gates, Jr. has generated enormous media attention, but few, if any, commentators have tried to explain why this distinguished African American professor "lost it." Having personally encountered numerous black affirmative action professors first hand, let me offer an explanation that transcends this particular incident. First, Gates is the classic black "empty suit:" the articulate, well-attired, well-credentialed, superficially scholarly African American who is really an impostor, an actor playing a role. Gullible white outsiders (but not professors in "real" academic departments), are just easily conned by fancy vocabulary, name dropping and similar ruses.

Second, empty suit impostors enjoy what I call intellectual diplomatic immunity on all matters touching on race, a sense of intellectual entitlement that probably began in college, where "compassionate" white professors knowingly tolerate stupid class comments and shoddy papers to "help" strugglers admitted by affirmative action. Of the utmost importance, well-socialized whites simply learn that it is impolite, even potentially dangerous, to dispute these dubious assertions. It is as if empty suits were cars with "DPL" (diplomat) license plates and therefore immune from speeding tickets. Indeed, the more transparent the mendacity, the higher the speaker's social standing, and the greater the white acquiescence in both...