Friday, November 6, 2009

An Horrific Outbreak of Stupidity

When it happened yesterday, we all thought the same thing. Many of us could not (or would not) speak it. Some could not even admit it to themselves that they thought it.

Hello, world, his name is Nidal Malik Hasan.

Today, in the aftermath, the news media is avoiding saying it with affected contortions of logic, pompous intentional ignorance of recent history and a bland stupidity that make “Sir Arthur” in this classic Beyond the Fringe sketch look like a forensic genius.

(There is a better, full motion version of this at YouTube that does not allow embedding)

How stupid do the media and our leaders think we are? If you are not simultaneously laughing at them and choking in outrage, you are pretty damned stupid…

Well, here, compare and contrast:

Today’s Boston Globe Headlines about the Fort Hood Sudden Jihad (FHSJ)

“Soldier kills 12, hurts 31 in Fort Hood rampage -
Military psychiatrist facing deployment abroad is accused”

Sir Arthur about the Great Train Robbery

“We believe this to be the work of thieves”

Barak Hussein Obama’s take on FHSJ,

“A horrific outbreak of violence"

Sir Arthur,

“There is the telltale disappearance of property, the snatching away of money substances. It all points to thieves.”

And why don’t they talk about Jihad and Islam and the fact that we all had, whether we admit it or not, the same thought when we heard about Fort Hood? Well no one talks about what they will not talk about but sir Arthur is not so constrained, when asked what a mindermast is, he admits,

"We don’t like to use the word Mastermind- it depresses the men."

We don’t want to think about the fact that the billions of Muslims all over the world belong to a religion and a culture that harbors and in many cases nurtures the seeds of blind hatred and coldblooded murder. We can't contemplate the implications of a guy that is described by his cousin as "a good American", a mental health professional, a physician who has taken the Hippocratic Oath could end up shouting Allah Akbar with guns blazing at unarmed by-standers. It might dishearten us. Think then, of Israel, who only wants to live in peace and is faced on all sides with the Muslim world that only wants to annihilate her.

Sir Arthur has one last caution for us, when asked by his interviewer

"Who do you think is behind the criminals?"

He answers:

"We are - considerably."

At least he knows he is losing and perhaps doomed by his ignorance. If we do not wake up and stop pretending that we are not facing a threat that we refuse to understand, we will be just as lost and possibly even more doomed.


Flossie said...

Oh my goodness! You have hit the nail on the head.
Thank you for telling it like it is!

BillyHW said...

That was one of the names on the Mayflower, wasn't it?

Blazingcatfur said...

Yes but what about the root causes Beast? This guy was an Obama man wasn't he;)

truepeers said...

bingo! Makes you wonder about our English legacy, a bit...

Dag said...

Hey, I loved the video, and your post was right-on. Thanks for letting me know.

Yalla, Dag.

Jewish Odysseus said...
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Jewish Odysseus said...

As a great American is wont to say: "We like to illustrate absurdity by being absurd." But the absurd Sir Arthur is just a literary figure...yet how perfectly he illustrates our absurd literary/political and [yes, sad to say], military "elites."

Yaacov, if some major named, ohhhhhh, "Mueller," had gone around a US base back in 1944 talking about how the Germans were "justified in fighting for their own country," and how it was a mistake to be fighting them...Just how much/what kind of "harassment" wd Major Mueller have endured?

I submit: either 15-25 in Leavenworth for treason, or a fatal fisticuffs encounter with a few fellow officers...Who'd have been given a wink and "case dismissed" for justifiable homicide.

In 2009 a 39-year-old traitor-major gets a lawyer, whines to his family, then guns down 43+ genuine military heroes...And the chattering classes justify it due to "harassment." But why wasn't he drummed outta the Army years ago, dishonorably?


Here's the new magic word we all need to learn: "lustration." LUSTRATION!!

Learn it. "Lustration."

General P. Malaise said...

duplicity is hard to look (or act) sane when your entire life is framed by a duplicious worldview.

that is the life of one devoted to islam.

thank you for the post Yaacov

Dag said...

Lustration is very cool if one distinguishes it from religious purification. Cleansing the military of jihadis, that's real LUSTRATION.

Anonymous said...

"Stupidity" is when someone accidentally shoots you or someone else in the face with a shotgun while quail hunting.

missed and hit your thumb I hope

How's this,
An Horrific Outbreak of Violent Premeditated Murder by an Islamic Jihadist Turned Into Stupidity By A Yellow Belly "Lame Stream Media"? Sounds awful though.

Yaacov Ben Moshe said...

Actually, Anon, the title was pointed in that direction. It was meant to play on the remarks of our beloved president, who called the Ft. Hood jihad "An Horrific Outbreak of Violence" - that is after he got around to mentioning it after giving a "shout out" to his political cronies.