Saturday, February 6, 2010

Corpseman- It's No Mere Gaffe

Gaffes are one thing, ignorance and dereliction of responsibility are another thing altogether. Everyone is missing the point about the President’s latest gaffe. It is more telling than Dan Quayle misspelling a food item and it is much more chilling than any of the famous malapropisms of former president Bush.

Here is why. President Obama is not just our political leader, he is the Commander-in-Chief of our armed forces. He is the one we have given the ultimate responsibility to keep us safe. He has the power to send our young people into harm’s way. He can, likewise, withhold military action when Americans are in peril. Protecting and defending us is supposed to be the first priority of the President. Compelling the healthcare system to wipe more noses even if it is with rougher tissue paper, changing our national culture by weaning us away from our “bitter” clinging to God and guns and keeping industry from creating jobs by producing more than a certain quota of fossil fuel smoke are supposed to be somewhere down the list.

There is a common legend that Eskimos have a variety of words to describe snow. It makes sense for people to whom snow is important and whose lives often depend on a clear understanding of snow’s condition and appearance would have evolved sophisticated was of classifying and communicating about it. If Barack Obama were an Eskimo, he and all he leads would die in the ice.

We know that he has never served in the armed forces himself but, for God’s sake, Mr Obama walks past the Marines who guard his life every day. He flies in the helicopter Marine One to Camp David and other places constantly. The unofficial name for The Marine Band is “The Presidents Own”. He daily makes decisions in which he calls upon members of the various Corps of the armed forces to risk their own lives and take the lives of others. Do you think he might at some point have taken the time to listen to the military men and women talk about themselves?

Does he call “his own” band the Marine Corpse Band?

Is he really THAT disinterested in one of the most powerful instruments of policy available to him? Has he such a small appreciation for one of the key guarantors of his own personal safety? If so, what does that say about the priority he gives to the protection and preservation of the rest of us- our lives and livelihoods?

Calling a service member a corpseman is no mere gaffe it is one more proof that Mr. Obama does not understand his job, overestimates his own importance and has no idea what is truly important.

If you owned a cabinet making business would you hire a guy who, in the course of a job interview, called the big planer that you use to mill wood down to a smooth and even thickness a planner- confusing it with a calendar book day-timer?

Would you let a surgeon who says car-toid instead of carotid for the artery that carries all of the blood to your brain operate on your neck?

If not, then why would you want this guy to be your Commander-in-Chief?


1. This was not the first time Obama has made this mistake one of my commenters on Free Republic has sent me this:

2. My friend Professor Barry Rubin writes of the Eskimo analogy:

Actually, they would develop a stiumulus package that bought trillions of dollars of refrigerators.

Professor Barry Rubin, Director, Global Research in International Affairs (GLORIA) Center
The Rubin Report blog
Editor, Middle East Review of International Affairs (MERIA) Journal


xformed said...

Not to be gortesque, but if you connect this to the article regarding the Marines in the Stan being hamstung by the ROE, this Commander in Chief has imposed, it shall be more often that our Navy HMs are "corpse-men" than corpsmen, as they will be filling more body bags, thanks to ROE that allows the enemy to be safe as soon as they drop their weapons, or when they purposefully stand children and women and other civilians directly between them and our Marines and ground pounding Sailors, let alone the Army personnel put into the same predicament.

Anonymous said...

I never wanted this DB to be CinC. Never.

Matt said...

That is astounding. Shows how little he thinks of the men and women in uniform.

Jewish Odysseus said...

He sees our armed forces the same way Lenin saw the Czar's army: a gang of evil mindless reactionary lumpen who need to be annihilated before the revolution can breathe easy. He [Obama] will sow chaos, dissension, distrust, and [most importantly] DEMORALIZATION thru our ranks, DESTROYING OUR MORALE.

Then, once the old, reactionary military is gone, he will replace it with a thoroughly politicized one, whose enemies/targets will be the remaining zealous/patriotic American citizens. Cause that's what Leninists do.

When the US President glorifies Bill Ayers and demonizes Rush Limbaugh, you know the country is headed directly into the sh!tter.

GM Roper said...

J.O."When the US President glorifies Bill Ayers and demonizes Rush Limbaugh, you know the country is headed directly into the sh!tter."

I think we have been there since 11/4/08 sad to say!

Stoutcat said...

Very well said. It's not just a gaffe, it's a telling trait about our President. And what it tells us is that he'd rather not be CinC.

And yet some people still think Barack Obama is the best thing since sliced bread. I just don't get it.

Kathy from Kansas said...

That Awful Man has done everything in his power to ENDANGER the United States. .

It's proof of how dysfunctional America is right now, that this horror-show freak has not been impeached 20 times over by now.

alexander of hollywood said...

In the late 60s, my dad and I used to watch the Red Skelton Show. He was doing one of his borderline-retarded dumbkopf characters in a sketch that for some reason had a big sign or banner that said Peace Corps. Skelton looked at the sign as though preparing to read it aloud. My quick-witted dad said, "He's going to pronounce it Peace CORPSE."

And sure enough Skelton did.

Did I mention that this was a comedy character who was supposed to be a borderline-retarded dumbkopf?

Anonymous said...

I remember how you cheered when he was elected while we were fearful of the day he will have absolute power.

Xanthippa said...


So, was the dude's name 'Christian' - as he says at the beginning - or 'Christopher', as he says at the end?