Monday, May 10, 2010

The Nuance of the Nazis

Can Nazis be victims of hate?

'Nazi' listed as an identifiable victim group in Toronto Police's 2009 hate crime stats report
Speaking of the stupidity of Nuance!
Q. What do you get when you Nuance a Nazi?
A. A Victim

This really is a shocker! Bernie Farber, one of the leading proponents of Canada's Anti Hate Speech Laws, makes a career out of making sure that a person's statements are judged not by their validity and truth but rather by whether or not they cause distress or foster hatred and then he is surprised that even Nazis can have distress and be "victims" of hatred.

We are all victims now, it seems. Just think how the poor National Socialists must feel! Millions of Jews throwing themselves into trenches and shooting themselves in the back or gassing themselves and burning their own bodies in furnaces with the the poor, stunned Nazis standing by in helpless horror! And, still, sixty years later, they are blamed, even reviled and insulted, by the world for the "jew caused disaster" they were powerless to avert.

Too bad, Bernie did not see this coming. Maybe he was too busy building himself a career and a ridiculously inflated reputation on bad law and phony victimology to see where it would lead...

Personally, I got tired of the victim card in High School when I realized how unattractive and counter-productive it is. Oh well, Nuance is as Nuance Does...

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lgude said...

Settle down, Yaacov. That Holocaust thing was just another human caused disaster.