Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Obama's (Pathetic) Black Knight Strategy

"Only a Setback" or "Only a Flesh Wound"?
As city after city falls to ISIS in Iraq, the Obama administration's strategy looks more and more like the Black Knight's in this classic Python scene. As the Obama approach gets "dis-armed"and "de-feeted" and prepares to be beheaded, administration spokespeople continue to minimize the losses that everyone else including the craven congressional Democrats recognize as dire blows as "setbacks".

It would be funny if it were not for the mockery it makes of the spilled blood. bereft parents, orphaned children, widowers, widows and insulted bravery of the American soldiers who secured all those cities during the American victories in Iraq.

I suppose when the black flag goes up over Baghdad they'll just say, "Alright, we'll call it a draw, then."


Anonymous said...

Reminds me of an old F-Troop episode--the injun, played by guest star Milton Berle, promised he'd give the paleface "only a flesh wound--in fleshy part of heart."

lgude said...

Spot on with the Black Knight metaphor which is just about as good as it gets when it comes to taking the Mickey out of denial. I too once thought of myself as a liberal, but felt the same disgust and shame when the liberals abandoned the South Vietnamese to the soviet tanks. Thank you for mentioning all those Americans who fought and died to take those cities and the Iraqis who helped them who are now paying the price the liberals don't believe exists.

pam_e68 said...

I am I guess an independent. I am quite liberal on some issues, but conservative on others. Maybe "�� confused" would be a fair assessment of me! I have tried for many years to find one thing positive that the Obama administration has done for or given to America. I can't, I can't find one thing. I honestly believe that he is the worst POTUS there EVER was. He's got Carter beat hands down. At least Carter did semi stand up when the Iranians took our people hostage. He did eject all Iranians from the Country. And there's another vital difference. Jimmy Carter loves/loved America. He was a very ignorant man and definitely did a lot of very stupid things, but there was never a question about his loyalty or allegiance to this Nation. Barack Obama is a whole different ball game. First of all let me be clear, BHO is no fool. He's very intelligent, very calculating, very cunning; he does NOT love America. What's even scarier than a man who despises his Nation, purposely leading it to destruction is the complicity he seems to have from all around him. Especially Congress. The GOP was given full control of the Senate and the House in an unprecedented turn over of Congressional seats. We did this for ONE REASON ONLY, the Impeachment and subsequent prosecution of Barack Obama. Granted it's a very difficult to thing to do, it is NOT impossible. What did the GOP do? Nothing. Not only did they do nothing, they decided to work WITH BHO instead of stopping his seemingly laser focused determination to destroy this Nation before he leaves office. The Liberals are having a field day with him in office. Every socialistic program, agenda, whatever is being jammed down Americas throat with little or no resistance from the GOP. The Muslim invasion of this Country is scary as hell. The powers that be know that we cannot live together, yet like Europe, they're forcing it upon us regardless. It's as if the US, all of Europe, and Canada are all coordinating to do this mass invasion of their own Nations with no regard for the citizens of their respective Nations. What's REALLY going on? I've heard the NWO theories, and due to the absence of any other plausible explanation it's looking as if the conspiracy theorists were right all along. Funny how that works, it's only a conspiracy theory until it's proven as fact. Then it's called history. Anyways, I would love some feedback. Give me your thoughts on the issue of BHO and the Jihadist situation. Your opinion on the state of our Nation. What's behind this forced invasion? I won't call it integration, because Muslims will never integrate into American Society.