Friday, July 22, 2016

The “Dark Speech” Meme

The emerging meme to distract the public’s attention from his message and drain away the power of Trump’s speech last night it to call it a “Dark Speech”. 

It is not really clear why they chose this meme yet but I do know that it has huge psychological significance. This was not a dark speech - as progressive writers characterize it- It did, however, shine light into a lot of dark corners where the progressive agenda has cultivated the cultural molds of economic paralysis, political correctness, inept statesmanship, military failure and race baiting. He pulled the drapes aside and let the sunlight in. Liberals may clutch their pearls and fan themselves but it is too late. They have been exposed as the party of darkness.

Who is afraid of the dark? Not real people who live in reality.


Maggat said...

Very refreshing to read a positive reaction to Donald Trump's speech, thanks.

Nancy Coppock said...

Yaacov, It's strange...or is it, really? ...[head bob] ...that those of us who have experienced The Breath of The Beast are exuberant and hopeful because of Trump's message.

Yaacov, how long have you and I been using OUR experience...which we then see occurring exponentially to other innocents...and STILL ....forget Liberals...THOSE ON THE RIGHT shrug off and ignore our tragedy and warnings...even going so far as to offer the same finger wagging "comfort" Job's friends offered the great sufferer of injustice himself?

WE ARE the ignored one's that Trump is speaking for.

And yet living here in Texas, the Cruzbots are on their moral high horse telling US their conscience is more righteous to God than the conscience of US who have SUFFERED?? These are the very same people that sent me to the gulag...that sent my student to a living hell of a 75 year prison sentence without actually committing murder. HELL's bells a bonafide murder get's less than 20!!! This Traditional Values Right is unmoved by my testimony...I'm a KOOK...i just need to "let it go" THEY can get on with fixin' the problem...because THEY are just a little more righteous before the Almighty than you or me, dear friend.

I cry BULLSHIT!! I'll take the Good Samaritan over these self-righteous phony Cruz people any day. !!!

Trump had me at his pre-announcing message, "Hey, there's some stuff going on in this Nation that is WRONG!" and "That we are financially PAYING for this destruction is just plain BAD BUSINESS!!" I'm IN!