Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Jackie Evancho Goes to Washington!

Every time I wonder if the dream of taking back our country with something better and purer could be any more promising, it seems that I get even sweeter omens of things to come.

I have known about this young lady since her first appearance on America's Got Talent at ten years old. Here is her audition:

She was an absolutely lovely little girl and an obviously, naturally and transparently genuine human being. Her voice is pure and gorgeous and she is growing up to be an artist and young lady of accomplishment and, we now discover, patriotism! At just sixteen, she is one of the few, and certainly the greatest performer who would agree to perform at the upcoming inaugural of Donald Trump. Let's not spend any time or thought on the cowardice and feckless nihilism of the refusers, let us relish the beauty and style of Jackie!

I could never see and hear this young woman without getting tears in your eyes! Now I know why, she possesses courage and loyalty equal to her talent, beauty and charm. I am so looking forward to seeing her at Trump's inauguration!

Please buy her music from your favorite source! You will love it and you will be showing the world that sometimes nice guys finish first!

Here she is at age thirteen! I hope she does both of these in January...

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