Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Susan Rice: The Nation's First Female "Bag-Holder-in-Cheif"

Susan Rice Should Surrender - Yes Like This
She has been holding coats and licking spittle in the Democratic hierarchy for decades and she has distinguished herself as an completely loyal operative who will doggedly follow the agenda with no regard for veracity or, even, her own pride. When BHO needed to get re-elected she was sent out to tell bald-faced lies five times on a single Sunday morning to support the Obama regime's absurd prevarication about the "internet Video" and the "Spontaneous Demonstration" causing the deaths of 4 Americans in Benghazi. She told us at the time that she was told that by "the security community" and has pretended that she was just relaying the information that others had proved. So, OK, as unlikely as that was, there might have been some doubt that it was a lie. But now, the truth is out and there is proof of what a craven liar and heartless fraud she really is. Not only did she and her bosses, Hillary and Obama take advantage of her willingness to victimize the families of the Ambassador and the brave men who died trying to save him but they employed her as a tool to subvert the checks and balances that prevent our nation from turning into a police state.
Yes, in the waning months of the Obama administration she herself requested "spreadsheets" of the phone calls that had been intercepted along with the unmasked names. Those unmasked names were distributed widely and the motives were wholly political. Here is what she said several days ago about the allegations of domestic spying on political opponents of the Obama regime and Clinton campaign:

Now the very same woman, who wrote that President Trump takes vacation from veracity in suggesting that he was spied on, has been shown to have  "Vacation from veracity"?!?! President Trump calls it as it is. No "narrative" no bs. Ms Rice is an unprincipled political operative who would not recognize veracity if it walked up to her and put her in handcuffs. Which, if there were any justice left in the "Halls of Justice", would be exactly what will happen now that it is coming to light that she played a key role in tearing down the barriers that prevent US citizens from being preyed upon by the ruling executive regime. Ms Rice is the (first female) mayor of "Vacation from Veracity-land".
"I knew nothing about that," she said. Do you believe her? Remember that clip up above in this post? Who does that remind you of? Hint:

I used to have a shadow of a doubt about her. That doubt has been removed. She is a dangerous ideologue and an enemy of The Republic.

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