Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Blood for Oil- The only questions are: Whose? When? and How Much?

The Progressive Left is fond of accusing the Bush administration of trading “Blood for Oil” as if it is an unthinkable and unprecedented sacrilege. I hope it doesn’t shock anyone but, I have to tell you, Blood for Oil is a forgone conclusion. The only issue still to be decided is who's blood will be spilled and in what quantity. What do you think 9/11 was?

It's amazing, this thing never changes. When I was in the fourth grade I was called a kike for the first time. I didn't even know what the word meant. The ignorant bully approached me in a crowded boy’s room at lunch time and said "You think you’re really big, don't you? You kike." I had never been exposed to this kind of assault before. Innocent dupe that I was, I was horrified. I remember feeling his anger and being sure that he was mistaken to be angry with me. I was sure all I had to do was to explain. I didn’t know what he meant about being big- I knew that I was big for my age. I didn't even know what a kike was, although it was clear that it was not such a popular thing to be. I started to try to explain to him that I really didn't think I was so big. I never got to ask him what a kike was because he wasn't interested in the explanation. He demonstrated his indifference by slugging me- giving me my first fat lip at the same time. Bullies always project their rage and homicidal megalomania onto others. They always try to get someone else to embody the rage and disgust they feel for themselves. They are generally powerless, abused or neglected kids who do this because they are demoralized, helpless and depressed.

Oil wealth is the moral equivalent of welfare payments for despots. Just as the liberality of the U.S. and Western Europe’s welfare systems have created a permanent underclass of un-wed mothers and disadvantaged (culturally crippled) children, the un-earned ease, excessive volume and overwhelming power of oil wealth has created a global Jihad complex that is entirely independent of the normal economic restraints that life, nature and the market economy usually put on failed ideas and systems.

They are constantly being humiliated by serial eruptions of their own irrationality, ineptitude and self-inflicted defeats. Such humiliation would, under ordinary circumstances, be self-correcting- it would lead to bankruptcy, starvation, violent death, disease and dissolution of the society. Or the society would be forced to evolve to a more suitable form. This natural correction can’t happen when we keep sending them ever more vast amounts of money.

It is an odd situation. There has been no disaster they bring down on themselves, and no outlandish and anti-civil action that offends the very principals of civilization that has brought them anything but more misplaced sympathy, more money and more power to behave badly. Even military strikes like those by the U.S. against Libya and Israel against Iraq have had no lasting effect. The Caliphatist world is the pusher to the western oil junkie so they always have even more lucre with which to rebuild, redesign and make ever more devastating weapons. Meanwhile, The West is unable to see them for who they are because to see them that clearly would require that we admit that we have "An Oil Problem". We need a petroleum intervention.

We have to start talking about this. The world must come to understand what the Caliphatist’s and their leftist sycophants already know; they are awash in fabulous wealth that is theirs only by an accident of nature. Their greatest humiliation is yet to come and they, especially their leaders, can see it bearing down on them.

You see, when their oil runs out, as someday it must, their leaders know they will still be sitting there in their dessert palaces knowing that the lights are going to blink off for good, the Philippino servants they have abused and enslaved will be going home and they will have to learn how to ride camels to get around again because their Mercedes are permanently out of gas. The infamous “Arab Street” will be there too, with its short fuse and hysterical propensity for violence. The nadir of their humiliation will be that they know that for sixty years now, instead of using their unearned riches to create a better society and a more permanent source of wealth based on real productivity and creativity, they have persisted in squandering their wealth in chest-thumping vanity, internecine struggles for power and the quixotic quest to destroy Israel- a tiny country that is dwarfed in size by the Islamic world and yet dwarfs the Islamic contribution to modern society and culture.

But the problem with Islam is not just the leadership, the people too are paralyzed. They look up from their aimless lives in the street to the lavish palaces from which the leaders and Imams allow them enough of a subsidy to be essentially idle and useless. Deprived of meaningful engagement in the world by their corrupt political leaders and taunted out of any civilized instinct by their clergy, the “Arab Street” is a behavioral sink- in constant turmoil and anguish. Lacking the will to change themselves into a modern people, they have unconsciously but unmistakably committed themselves to trying to avoid the final humiliation not by growing into a better people and joining modern western culture, but by attempting to drag the rest of the world down to their level- the last resort of the bully. Cases in point are the bestial street scenes last week in Gaza in which Hamas supporters literally ripped Fatah officials to shreds with their bare hands,(here’s one of the least brutal videos)

or the Ramallah lynching of two Israelis-

It is this urge toward degradation, not sincere and spiritual religion, that is the real source of the fervor which informs their sudden renewal of interest in bringing about a world-wide Caliphate. That Caliphate would convert all the grand liberal institutions of Western Civilizations into nothing more than a world-wide network of Casbahs and Shari’a kangaroo courts. Oil wealth today foments death, repression, bigotry and hatred on a global scale.

We in The West are as right and righteous about the moral and spiritual issues as it is possible to be in this imperfect world. We are far more dynamic, free and decent culturally and socially. So why are we always finding ourselves “in the dock”- being accused, questioned and challenged by an obviously less successful and desirable culture? Follow the money. It is the Oil Loot and the Oligarchy of evil it has created. Israel and The West have both become “Davids” forced to fight a Goliath of our own making. As long as that Goliath has the money to finance the global jihad, keep (and arm) the “Palestinians” in their refugee camps and to buy outright toadies like Jimmy Carter and George Galloway, right and reason cannot fully prevail.

Trying to explain our innocence to them, talking with them about their grievances at all, is the same pathetic mistake I made in that boys room so many years ago. Their gripes about our foreign policy, their disdain for our religions and social practices, even Israel and our support of her are not the real issue for them anyway. They are tortured from the inside. Just as that boy's room bully was. The more we permit them to involve us in their crazy world of manufactured slights and endemic humiliation, the more we will get sucker punched.

The Oil Loot, even as it accentuates their feelings of personal inadequacy, has given them a buffer between them and the reality that, were they not so insulated, would force them into awareness. They are already resolved to give us "Blood for Oil". We cannot face them unprepared for it. We may be against "Blood for Oil" on principal but, given the choice, we must be willing to choose their blood over ours.


Dinah Lord said...

Well done, sir.

You have my vote for their blood over ours.


Jewish Odysseus said...

At least one thoughtful observer has suggested a massive attack on Iran's oil facilities may be warranted:


Flanders Fields said...

Great article and you explain it nicely. I am using your article in a posting. Keep up your good work.

Anonymous said...

Very fine piece.
Keep up the work, expose the hatred, and the funding.


Kobayashi Maru said...

A fine piece. I just linked to it. Two quick thoughts: 1) Economically corrective consequences are merely delayed not eliminated. Saudi is already feeling this as large families dissipate wealth. That is in part what has caused them to lash out rather than stay inwardly focused. 2) What the global warming zealots could not do to convince me to pump up the tires on my bike and walk to the supermarket, this threat easily does.

Anonymous said...

I have also heard that the sky-high price of oil has made previously uneconomic deposits of oil into economically-recoverable reserves. There are at least three different trillion-plus barrel deposits of oil that will break the Arab oil domination and seem likely to crash the oil market - Venezuelan oil tar, Canadian oil sands, and U.S. oil shale. I've even heard that Shell's in-situ retorting project in the U.S. oil shale is producing not only light, sweet crude, but also refined products, all for about $10/barrel. If they can figure out a way to scale that up to millions of barrels per day of production, bye bye Ahab the Arab!