Thursday, June 21, 2007

Look Upon This and Despair

Sol at Solomonia has posted the most obscene film clip I have ever seen. My constant readers know that I have almost never referenced and linked to current posts on other blogs without having a chance to reflect on them and put them into my own peculiar frame of reference. I find I have to make an exception in this case. Sol warns in his post that the video is horrible and it is. I cannot say that I am glad that I saw it but… Well, here is the comment I left on his post:

I watched it- I feel the same way about it that I did the Daniel Pearl Video. If we do not witness we cannot speak up effectively. Here is something that I saw that I think has an even more deeply disturbing meaning than the central action of the clip. Has anyone else noticed that the unspeakable monsters that are doing this repeatedly cover up the panty-clad buttocks of their victim? Anyone who could still hold out a hope that these are aberrational fiends who happened to assemble in a group large enough to outweigh a basically decent society with their murderous blood-lust must finally admit that his society is itself blood-fiendish. What form of propriety is it that blushes at the sight of a woman's buttocks but revels in beating and kicking her until she is insensible and then squashing her head? What are they doing, respecting her modesty as they drop a cinderblock on her head? Let a multiculturalist try to tell me that all cultures are special in their own way after seeing this! He who is kind to the cruel is cruel to the kind.

Just to make my point clear, these are obviously among the "decent and upright" Caliphate Muslims, being ever so careful to cover the god-given nakedness of this young woman- as they desecrate all of creation in their act of savagery.

Update 6/22 12:15Am
I was just notified by Sol that the video referencedc above was not Iranian in origin but Iraqi. I’m not taking my outrage back however- just applying it more broadly. I found this page with the following information and picture. The picture is Iranian and so is the video on the web page…

Photo : this woman is burried up to her waist in preparation for her stoning to death.

Hajiyeh Esmaelvand was killed in such a manner in December 2004. She was accused of adultery. She is but one victim of this law of the Sharia.

The stoning of women is practiced in Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Nigeria and Saudi Arabia.

Oops, well, silly us! None of us remembered, In Iran they wrap them up in a sheet and bury them up to the waist before they murder them. Link... Still, it was understandable. There are just so many, quaintly bloodthirsty local customs out there in the Islamic world- sometimes it's hard to keep them all straight.


Jack Steiner said...

It is beyond disgusting to think that some people believe that this is anything but barbaric behavior.

Anonymous said...

I vaguely remember, back before 9/11, that the feminist left used to care about all this.

Do they still?

GM Roper said...

In a world where the nattering class states unequivocally that one culture is as good as another it is no more an outrage than any other. Unless of course you happen to be the one being stoned. Sarcasm aside, how anyone can participate in this type of ritual is beyond me.

Anonymous said...

If one believed in a smoke-filled back room where a small kabal of powerful men ran the world, we'd picture their glee at pitting the barbaric Moslems defending "god" against depraved nihilistic westerners defending "freedom" as the ultimate Death Match.

Oh yeah, there is a smoke-filled place and a dark kabal. Jesus, mercy!