Sunday, January 11, 2009

Jew Hatred Howls in the Streets of Germany- Again

Both Israel Matzav and Jewish Odysseus have linked to Muqata's report on the German police choosing to suppress the Israeli flag rather than face down Germany's own "Arab Street". Whatever toxic combination of anti-Semitism and dhimmi cowardice inspired the choice, it clearly has pushed Germany one giant step closer to conquest by The Caliphate. Play the video- Jew hatred howls in German streets once again. I left the following comment on both Israel Matzav and Jewish Odysseus:

Hmmm, A knock at the door, German police, confiscating Jewish property, preventing Jews from participating in national discourse, Sounds somehow familiar... can't quite...

One commenter at Jewish Oysseus offerd an opinion that the police were acting "logically" to "deescalate" the situation- to which I replied:
Oh, right, "deescalate"- another word for "Jews keep taking abuse, qassams, suicide bombs and the threat of mob violence so that infantile Moslem thugs can destroy western civilization one brick at a time - without there ever being a showdown".
Germany is being swallowed up while concerning herself only with keeping things quiet enough so that they can pretend there is no problem.

Have you learned nothing?

Deescalate my Zionist ass!
Stand up for civilization, rout the thugs from the streets before they come after you too!


tsiya said...

This Gentile agrees with you, they are afraid of muslim barbarians but not of Jews or Christians.

xanthippaschamberpot said...

My grandmother remembered the Nazi-German occupation. She used to tell me many stories...

This makes me afraid.

This is 'battered wife syndrome' on a national scale.

Really, think about it: telling a woman to 'not do anything that might set off a violent and abusive husband' has been recognized as a way to increase the abuse. How come telling a person to 'not do anything that might set off a violent and abusive religious/nationalist fanatic' is not perceived to be just as destructive???

Nancy Coppock said...

I'm tired of the people doing the face slapping telling us to turn the other cheek. That's Christian/Nihism, folks.

shoprat said...

There is no reason to fear Jews or Christians (or Buddhists for that matter.) Curiously there is only one religion that seeks to kill everyone else and they have the sympathy or fear of the left. Like all bullies they need to be stood up to.

Anonymous said...

The world should listen to this wise Israeli.

Yaacov Ben Moshe said...

I considered deleting the above comment by Anonymous. It is a link to his own web site Via Recta (VIa Rectum would be more fitting). The "brilliant Israeli" he is referring to is Jeff Halpern, a dupe and a fool. I'm leaving Via Rectum's comment because I encourage my friends to let the rectum know what they think-

Here is the comment I left:

You have found one of the many Israelis who prove one single point (not the one you intend). That Israel is better than its enemies because they do not take a self-destructive, pompous fool like this out to the street and shoot him. The so-called Palestinians make a practice of murdering their dissidents and peace activists. Thank God your dream of Syria ruling the world will NEVER happen. Israel could do to Gaza what Syria did to HAMA in ten minutes- but we don't because we are better and more moral. Grow up, this humiliation theme you always carp about is getting on the world's nerves.

Don Radlauer said...

Hi Yaacov -

The idiot at Viarecta did the same thing to me (and, of course, probably to a lot of others); I was less forgiving than you were. I deleted his comment and wrote a rather nasty comment on his blog.

Like many of my fellow Israelis, I sometimes get very tired of trying to be reasonable all the time...


Anonymous said...

Alas, the YouTube video has been removed! Did anyone have a chance to download it?

Jewish Odysseus said...

1--the Youtube vid has been restored, along w/several others from different angles.

2--This incident has, happily, caused a national uproar in Germany, and noone of any substance has defended the police bowing to the jihadi mob.

Beaman said...

I thought it was very poor form in regards to what the German police did. They should have rounded up the hecklers instead for public disorder.

Solaris said...

"Turn the other cheek" was a call for defiance, not submission. Jesus didn't say that letting evil run along its merry way was the way to beat it. He counseled against retaliation, that is to say, fighting for vengeance.
"Turn the other cheek" referred to the fact that a superior would slap an inferior backhanded, right hand to right cheek. If you turned your left cheek to face him, he couldn't backhand you - he had to punch you, the way equals fight.

In short? Standing by while evil does nothing only lets evil win. Standing in the way is the way to go.

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