Thursday, January 19, 2017

Liberals Will Build the Wall!

A business friend of mine told me earlier this week that President Elect Trump has "...announced his plan for paying the cost of the wall and It is not Mexico."

"Yes", she said, on Friday, when he is finally inaugurated, all the 70 million or so liberals, socialists and anti-Trumpers who voted against him are going to shit a brick."

Which brings me to my thoughts on the state of mind that has moved more than 60 Democrat legislators to put their hands over their ears and eyes (if only they would do the same with their mouths) and withdraw their august presence from the inaugural proceedings.

Is this the best way for them to represent their constituencies? Are they displaying any kind of courage or intelligence in doing this? Even an honest opponent would have the guts and decency to show up and listen to what the election results are telling them.

Not that I care, it will only keep them uninformed on and powerless to reverse the reasons the Democrat majorities in both houses of the national legislature have evaporated in the past eight years. It will, I hope extend the Democratic loosing streak in state and local politics as well.

What will Elizabeth Warren's calls for "necessary trouble"net for the Democrat's cause? Warren, who has also claimed to be the "intellectual" founder of the "occupy movement" has resolved to hide from the proceedings and appears to be encouraging the occupy scum to disrupt them. This is , increasingly,the Democrat way.

Much has been made this past week of Mr Trump's pre-inaugural approval rating. Putting aside the fact that he has not had the opportunity to do anything of an official nature yet, it reminds me of another Republican President-elect who entered office having garnered only 39% of the vote in his first election. He went on to become one of the two greatest Presidents in history.

Speaking of Inaugurations, even John Wilkes Booth showed up at Abraham Lincoln's Inauguration as this picture shows. If anything goes wrong in all those seats that the congressional cowards are leaving empty at the ceremony, we will know who is to blame. Necessary trouble? You ain't seen nuthin' yet!

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Anonymous said...

Why is it that so many intelligent, educated people like yourself who would have to know better confuse "lose" and "loose" amidst an otherwise perfectly spelled piece. I see it over and over again and it drives me nuts.

No such thing as a "loosing streak."