Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Mask Slips- Racism on PBS

The liberal establishment is under such stress over the possibility that Israel might succeed in protecting her own people that they are letting the mask slip a little. The latest is Bill Moyers giving us a raw peek into the consciousness of The Saint of PBS. Talking about Gaza and going back to the book of Deuteronomy, he referenced the biblical commands to take the promised land and jumped (I am not kidding!) to this outrageous bit of racism: “So God-soaked violence became genetically coded.”

Funny, isn’t it, that he would say that about the Jews not the other side of the Gaza conflict who routinely kill Journalists, film makers and other superior beings.

Essay questions:
1. What would PBS have to do if Moyers said that black people are genetically encoded to eat fried chicken and watermelon?
2. What will they do about this? (crickets chirping)

It is amazing that Jews still donate to PBS (Palestinian Broadcasting System).

Richard Landes has a wonderful piece on it here.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Jew Hatred Howls in the Streets of Germany- Again

Both Israel Matzav and Jewish Odysseus have linked to Muqata's report on the German police choosing to suppress the Israeli flag rather than face down Germany's own "Arab Street". Whatever toxic combination of anti-Semitism and dhimmi cowardice inspired the choice, it clearly has pushed Germany one giant step closer to conquest by The Caliphate. Play the video- Jew hatred howls in German streets once again. I left the following comment on both Israel Matzav and Jewish Odysseus:
Hmmm, A knock at the door, German police, confiscating Jewish property, preventing Jews from participating in national discourse, Sounds somehow familiar... can't quite...

One commenter at Jewish Oysseus offerd an opinion that the police were acting "logically" to "deescalate" the situation- to which I replied:
Oh, right, "deescalate"- another word for "Jews keep taking abuse, qassams, suicide bombs and the threat of mob violence so that infantile Moslem thugs can destroy western civilization one brick at a time - without there ever being a showdown".
Germany is being swallowed up while concerning herself only with keeping things quiet enough so that they can pretend there is no problem.

Have you learned nothing?

Deescalate my Zionist ass!
Stand up for civilization, rout the thugs from the streets before they come after you too!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

A Step in the Right Direction

Here is a partial answer to the idiotic question the liberal press always seems to ask, “do you think that this military action will achieve the goal of stopping the rocket fire from Gaza?” This press release from the IDF this morning!
Amir Mansi, the commander of the Hamas rocket launching program in the Gaza City area, was killed today (Saturday, 10.1.09) by IDF fire with assistance of the ISA. Mansi was also the leading Hamas authority with regard to the long range Grad missile launching program.
Amongst other activities Mansi directed and actively fired dozens of rockets at Israel, killing and wounding Israeli civilians. Mansi was spotted firing a rocket in the Jabel Rise area during a ground force operation today. The forces opened fire, killing Mansi and injuring two additional terror operatives.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Can Public Broadcasting Really be THIS Contemptible?

Oh Yes, I think they can.

While working on a new post last night had to visit the NPR web page for a transcript. I allowed myself to become distracted by a gallery of pictures. (Look here and click on the picture entitled "Israel Attacks Targets in Gaza") Only two photos into the gallery, I came across this obvious fake.

It is a prototypical Pallywood tableaux, the very composition of which should be a dead give away at this point. Palestinians are, if we were to believe their fancifully posed pictures, the only people on earth whose immediate urge, when their friends and fellows are injured, is to grab them and try to twist them into cruel and dangerous positions. The Second Draft has documented Palestinians dragging, dropping, rolling and hoisting allegedly wounded comrades in savage disregard for their well being. Recall that even the recent mass carnage in Mumbai produced no photographs of a comparable level of callous and medically damaging treatment to that routinely published by mainstream media as representing the transport of wounded among the Arabs of Gaza and the West Bank.

If this were not damning enough evidence that the NPR photo editors are prepared to drop all pretense of integrity and professional responsibility in the cause of blackening Israel's name, let's look more closely at a couple of other aspects of this picture.

The caption alleges that the young man being pulled and twisted like a quid of taffy by his friends here was shot by Israelis using live ammunition. Generally when someone is shot there would be a hole of some sort in their person. Bullet holes are generally accompanied by profuse bleeding. At first glance, the vivid red on the arms that hold the feet of the subject alarms the eye but on closer inspection (below)

it is obvious that there is some combination of ugly clothing design (the right arm of the jacket clearly has white lettering that has no tinge or spattering of red on it) and, perhaps, idiotically obvious fakery (the right arm almost appears to have been either sprayed with or dipped in some red liquid while the hand on that same arm wears what appears to be a brown, fingerless glove with no red on either the glove or the exposed fingers). Since no blood is evident on the alleged victim, the photo is credited to an Arab working for AP- a notoriously suspicious combination to begin with and there seems to be a clumsy attempt to trick the viewer into thinking there is blood present, a photo editor who had the faintest spark of skepticism or wished to make even the feeblest wave at impartiality might have at least included the word "claimed" or "reported" in the caption.

The most pathetic aspect of this photograph and its obvious cynical maipulation, however, is the utter contempt that the Palestinian actors have for the western media. Just look at this close-up

The guy who has our victim in a very un-therapeutic full-Nelson here was not even alarmed enough to put down his orange flag or to feign much concern. And how about the victim himself? At greater risk of having his neck snapped by his flag toting rescuer than of discovering a bullet hole in himself, he betrays no trace of suffering. Far from a look of pain, panic or even shock, he appears to be bearing the man-handling with a mocking smirk. They may be manipulators and liars but the Pallywood crowd knows willing dupes when they find them and have the dignity to treat them with the contempt they deserve.

One more picture in the gallery caught my attention.

Another quintessential Pallywood scene. The only female I can see in this picture is the dead girl who's face is being displayed. The disgusting manipulation and politicization of their deaths is about the only respect that children, especially girls, get in Palestinian society. They get to be chattel and propaganda weapons and that is about it. NPR makes no judgement about any of that, though, they are far more concerned with fixing the blame on Israel.

Meanwhile, this video of one of the surviving sisters of those girls who died displays more courage, integrity and honesty than all the dupes at NPR in this video clip:

The Pallywood guys are not worried, though. They know that AP, NPR, CNN and the rest will suffer the contempt and mockery rather than abandon the narrative that they have swallowed and have sold their professional integrity to propagandize. They are not able to spare themselves even that humiliation.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

You Know it is Coming

Coming Soon to the Main Stream Media outlet near you- The visuals will be heartrending, the stage management will be transparent, the moonbats will eat it up!
It'll be a Massacre! An Atrocity! A Pathetic Fake! Richard Landes has the story before it happens.