Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Are You Tired of the Lies and Rage?

This is a voice America needs to hear! Her name is Candace Owens. I can only pray that her clarity and energy stay strong in the face of the tempest she will surely bring down on herself.
The only quibble I have for her is her is her riff about Jews and education. After correctly and charmingly telling her audience that the public education system offers them “an education” if they will trade in their brains in exchange, she does not connect that to the fact that so many Jews have done the same thing. The moral posturing and virtue signaling of the Jewish establishment arose on its own but is sustained in the younger generations by the educational Gulag of the schools and universities in the U.S..

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Trump and The Hidden History Behind Charlottesville

Nazis and Communists fought  many street battles in the late 1920s and early 1930s

The Nazis and White Supremacists as one faction and the Antifa and Black Lives Matter as the other faction are two sides of the same coin. Expressing this is  what has gotten the president in trouble with the politically correct media and their dupes. His point is that too many are are purposefully ignoring the real meaning of the other equally dangerous set of thugs who have caused violence in Portland, Berkeley, Ferguson, Evergreen College and at least half of the problem in Charlottesville. If the Nazis are the spawn of Hitler, then Antifa and BLM are the spawn of Lenin and Stalin. The late twenties and early thirties in the Weimar Republic saw riots and pitched battles between those same factions in most German cities. For whatever reason the media will not talk about the similarity between Charlottesville and Altona (riots in Hamburg that left 19 dead). The only difference between these two sides is that one is national socialism (nazi) and the other is international socialism (communists). That, and the identity groups they are pandering to are the only difference and thats why they vie for similar disaffected losers and why they hate each other so much.
The world suffered under both Russian Socialism and German Socialism in fact many more millions of people died of intentional starvation and torture and in the Gulag under the International version- and that;s not even taking into account China's Great Leap Forward and Cambodia under the Khmer Rouge. And somehow none of THAT gets attentions in Academia and the media - I guess because international socialism seems so “progressive” and cool- except that the Russian intellectuals lots of them Jews who thought it cool wound up being slaughtered or sent to the Gulag. 
Useful idiots is what Lenin called them because they were progressives who thought of themselves as  “free thinkers” even though they all thought pretty much the same thing. They were sucked in by the progressive allure of socialism - not realizing or willing to aknowledge that in order to have socialism there must be a "strong man" and and governmental apparatus to make it work. Totalitarian systems do not suffer any sort of free thinkers. The only progress is the the progressive dominance of “the state” or “The People".
The media, academia and the elite establishment have formed a chorus of "free thinkers" who torture logic and magnify minutia in order to find fault and "danger in Trump. What they should be doing is recognizing that the danger posed by the enforced equality the Antifa and BLM is every bit as odious and sinister as the supremacy of the Nazis and the White Supremacists. Our survival as a free people depends on it and right now President Trump getting pummeled for even bringing it up.

h/t to Michael Rechtenwald