Monday, January 8, 2007

Erica's Encounter

Erica's Blog has exactly the kind of story I am talking about. There is no better way for us to learn what we are up against than well told stories like this one Erica's Encounter with The Beast.
Thank's to Erica for sharing this with the world and thanks to God she only felt The Breath. I am the father of two young Jewish women See (My First Encounter) about her age and of all my nightmares this is the worst.
Isn't it ironic that the Islamofascists target our young womwen while they beat, cloister and murder their own-


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Erica said...

Yes, I do thank G-d everyday that, for me at least, it didn't turn out as terrible as it could have been. Of course, now our world is run amok with terrorists whereas before, not so much.

It was a terrifying experience in retrospect, because I didn't know "what" he was until I saw his picture on the cover of the paper, but still...I shudder when I think (G-d forbid) what *could* have happened.