Thursday, August 6, 2009

Hey, Tovarish! Turn Yourself in for Re-education!

The Obama administration shows its true colors more each day. Now they are asking their dwindling cadre of cultists to report back to the mother ship on any independent (or as they call it “fishy”) opposition. It may seem unbelievable but here is a link to the actual White House Blog that calls for informers to turn in their email buddies and randomly visited bloggers.

Well, last night I posted a link to my essay on Blame, Virtue and Evil at Victor Davis Hanson’s blog at PJM and while reading through the other comments there I ran across one that had an idea I think we should all help out with. Commenter TLM wrote:
“…Don’t bother forwarding this to . I have already reported myself and plan to do so every day until the government takes down that ridiculous un-American site. You would do better to inform your masters that Americans are angry regarding this legislation because they no longer trust their government…”

I am doing the same. I think anyone who believes in free speech and a government that governs openly and without intimidating citizens who disagree with the executive branch, should do the same. We do not yet have a Gulag in America but reporting each other to the government for unclean thoughts is the first step in the process.

Where are all the progressives who called George W. Bush Bushitler Now?
Here is the email address to turn yourself in:


Pastorius said...

Great minds think alike. We proposed the same idea at IBA.


Freedom's Cost said...

You are right! And because I am a good citizen I just sent them a link to all of my relevant posts.

Should I now get my lawyer to be here when the FBI or the Secret Service, or whoever comes to pick me up?

Nancy Coppock said...

Hey Freedom's Cost and all others, why a lawyer? We are guilty, guilty, guilty. Just have a small suitcase packed and ready to go to the gulag. Bring your own pillow, as the pillow provided is very poor quality and emits noxious...possibly even deadly..fumes.

And remember only criminals have weapons as a thought criminal caught with a weapon is a crime against the state!

Anonymous said...


Odd how I just re-ordered Arthur Koestler's "Darkness at Noon"...

GM Roper said...

Done my friend, done!

commoncents said...

Great post! Keep up the excellent work!

ps. Link Exchange?